Ateendriya Suraksha gives suraksha to the systems from dishonest employees involved in fraudulent activities

Dishonest employees in a computerized office bring heavy damages to the management. Honesty has become an endangered virtue that is fading away especially from the modern urban society. At times or most of the times, honesty, innocence, truthfulness is viewed as major disqualifications in the business, commercial or trade centres. Organizations are interested in recruiting officials who are capable and experienced to manipulate things to the advantage of the company. There are specialized institutions to train people to become professional manipulators. No one can afford to be straight forward and truthful to their clients. They become performers if they excel in their task of manipulations, artfully misleading, tactfully cheating people while promoting their products or services. Dishonesty, untruthfulness, deceitfulness is closely connected to manipulations. They are like blood relatives. A professional manipulator therefore can become a professional liar. He or she will display this same character in all walks of their personal and official life.

Employers therefore must be extremely careful in the recruitment of staff. Many successful organizations have been miserably shattered and perished in the past due to dishonest employees. Digitalization of data and activities of companies have made their job easier, faster with substantial volume. The cyber technology has grown to the extent that the entire data of a large corporate international company can be stored and taken out in a single pen drive. Even a junior level dishonest employee can do such cyber-crime and put the entire organization into deep-neck problems.

Deceived employer ends up in heavy bankruptcy:

The US chamber of commerce estimates that theft and corruptions by employees cost American companies about USD 50 billion per year. Over 75% of employee-related crimes go unnoticed. It is also estimated that fraud employee is 15 times dangerous than a fraud non-employee to steal from the employer. Fearing negative publicity, employers are often reluctant to report employee-theft to the police, which leaves the criminals free to steal aggressively.

Nearly 95% of all businesses suffer from thefts, corruption in the work place and approximately 75% of employees get involved either directly or indirectly in corruption. Corrupt employee should be seen as a fatal disease like cancer in the society. Many of them join the crowd without knowing the consequences. For some, it has become a lifestyle and part of their life itself. The employer is thus deceived from various directions by the corrupt employees and will have to suffer heavy financial losses, credibility losses of the organization in the eyes of the customers. The impact of the corruption will also lead to inefficiency, resource crunch, wiping out the entire profit leading to heavy bankruptcy. Collapse of such companies may not be far away. Lifetime savings and business ambitions of the promoter of the company thus get shattered irrecoverably forever.

Ateendriya Suraksha comes in rescue of business establishments and institutions. Organizations under the protection of Ateendriya Suraksha will expose dishonest employees and prevent corruptions, cyber-crimes, cheating etc. Ateendriya Suraksha will make your organization a totally corrupt-free and powered by honest officials. This will make your life tension-less and more promising. As a token of gratitude, you can spend a portion of your profit to the welfare of your committed, dedicated and honest staff. Life thus becomes more meaningful and colourful. To be dishonest in an organization with Ateendriya Suraksha, thus becomes too dangerous as they will be exposed and caught. Do not install Ateendriya Suraksha if you wish to carry on your business compromising honesty and truthfulness.

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