Scheme 24: Protection for dams

There are more than 57000 large dams world-wide that are higher than 15m. There are more than 300 major dams that are more than 150m height. A dam failure or burst is a catastrophic type or disaster characterized by sudden, rapid and uncontrolled release of water. Dam collapse can kill thousands and make millions homeless instantly. It is causing flash flood, destroying everything on its way. About 100 major dams had been broken and failed so far.

Major causes of dam failure:

1.    Geological instability

2.    Sliding of the mountain into the reservoirs

3.    Terrorist attack

4.    Holding excess capacity

5.    Age of the dam

6.    Poor quality of construction and materials used for construction

7.    Unscientific architectural design

8.    Untimely maintenance

9.    High power lightning or tornado

10. ‘Vaastu dosha’ of the dam site

A dam without adequate protection is like a time bomb. Trillions of gallons of water would move like a huge tsunami destroying everything on the way. It can destroy thousands of buildings. It can lead to water scarcity. Install Ateendriya Suraksha and get protected from all the calamities mentioned above.

Ateendriya Suraksha if installed, the dam will be protected form all types of collapse whatever may be the reason.

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