Scheme 28: Protection for satellite launchers/carriers

Satellite, as you may be aware, is a man-made machine that has been intentionally placed into orbit or launched into space and moves around Earth or another body in space. It is used for many applications and purposes. Communication, space explorations, geological studies, sourcing natural resources, weather forecasting, hurricane forecasting, mapping of Earth’s surface, telecasting, for global positioning system (GPS) etc are some of the crucial areas of its applications.

Disadvantages of satellites:

1.    Cost: Costs are prohibitive in both building the unit as well as launching the system into the space. It is estimated that a single satellite launch can range in cost from USD 50-500 million, depending on the vehicle. Millions and even billions of dollars are required for building a satellite

2.    Unreliable signal

3.    It is a one-time use as there is no possibility of repair or maintenance in space so far. The average lifespan of a satellite is approximately 5 years

The cost of space technology can be reduced substantially if we are able to achieve the following:

1.    Increase the lifespan of satellite

2.    Preventing launching failure of satellite

3.    Protection of the satellite from external attacks especially by foreign space objects

4.    Protection of the satellite from possible internal failure of mechanical and electronic systems

Advancement of scientific space technology is may be in the infant stage now. They can achieve many more things in the process of further research and space exploration. Ateendriya Suraksha can address all these issues and offer to extend full cover protection to the satellite and the launcher vehicle. It is an opportunity for the scientific community to make use of this advantage and enjoy risk-free space programs in the days to come.

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