Scheme 29: Privilege scheme for the employees of a company

Scheme details:

1.    This scheme is restricted only to the employees of the companies who have already subscribed to any one of the Ateendriya Suraksha schemes

2.    Employees of such subscribed companies can avail the benefits of scheme 1 of Ateendriya Suraksha without paying the installation fee, provided their name is recommended by the company and forwarded to us by the authorized official of that company

3.    The employee needs to pay a sum of USD 440 towards the yearly premium. The amount is non-refundable even if the scheme is discontinued in between the scheme period

4.    The employees will be entitled to get all the benefits listed in the general category scheme of Ateendriya Suraksha apart from the benefits of scheme 1

5.    Payment remittance of the yearly premium has to be made by the company on behalf of the employee. Payment remittance directly by the employee will not be accepted

6.    This scheme is linked to the main company scheme and does not have any independent existence. The scheme will cease to exist in case the staff if resigning or getting terminated from the employment of the company

7.    The date of expiry of the privilege scheme will be same as the expiry date of the company’s main scheme. This means, those who joined the scheme at a later date will get a shorter duration of protection in the first year

8.    The privilege scheme is non-transferable

9.    Details required to subscribe the privilege scheme:

          o  Name

          o  Age

          o  Gender

          o  Employee code

          o  Office address

          o  System details for which protection is sought:

                               § Identification number of the system

                               § Name of the manufacturer and the type of the equipment

                               § A photo of the system

10. All communication shall be made through the authorized official of the company with Gurukripa Enterprises on behalf of the staff

Direct advantages of the privilege scheme:

Sl. No.Privilege schemeOther schemes
1No installation feeInstallation fee of USD 4500
2Simplest enrolment procedureSeparate application is to be submitted
3Scheme will be activated immediately on forwarding the details and by affixing the Ateendriya Suraksha metal sticker on the equipmentA delay of 10 working days after scrutiny and approval of the application
4Extra economic benefit and extra facilities when compared to limited scheme for individualsLimited facilities and more premium amount

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