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  10. Synopsis of the book “Radiation of multiple internal and external forces in you”

About Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre

Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre gives supreme focus and concentration for the upliftment of the society by creating a powerful and elevated generation of human race. This ambitious objective cannot be achieved with the present and prevailing level of corrupted mental status of the society, poisonous pollution level of the atmosphere, hard core exploitation of the weak by the dominant section, dominance of immoral lifestyle, dominating unethical and valueless governing system, over-exploitation of natural resources and huge population of mentally, physically and intellectually weak and fragile human beings.

This situation is unfortunately predominant in almost all sections of the society in the world. It calls for a revolutionary top to bottom change in the attitude of people both individually and collectively. In consideration of the above disastrous situation, it has become a necessity to have multi-faceted powerful protecting systems globally namely:

  1. Protection of our valuable assets with the help of Ancient Tantric Scientific device by name “Ateendriya Suraksha”.
  2. Protection of our physical body and mind from diseases with the help of Ancient Herbal Scientific formulations.
  3. Protection of our Nature from the man-made poisonous and dangerous physical, chemical and micro-biological impurities from air, water and soil. As you may be aware, the present pollution level has destroyed the entire eco-system suffocating every living entity on the planet Earth, leading to erasing the very existence of human race and other inhabitants. We intend to deal with this extremely difficult task with the help of Ancient Scientific Engineering devices and projects. Details of 9 unique engineering projects have been introduced to implement the purification process all over the world. These engineering devices are 100% eco-friendly and economically very attractive and viable.
  4. Conversion of the density of dense population of extremely weak and fragile-physically, mentally and intellectually into physically, mentally and intellectually powerful and elevated human race. This can be achieved by inculcating new ancient lifestyle and values in us. Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre will impart the necessary knowledge to all interested and eligible individuals, irrespective of cast, creed, race, religion or community.
  5. To implement individual tree-planting and forestation campaign all over the world. The present alarming level of deforestation and conversion of agricultural and forest land into industrialization is making the Nature to take violent and devastating attacks. The reckless lifestyle of our so-called modern civilization, guided by the short-sighted scientific community has completely destroyed and crippled the entire eco-system of planet Earth, evoking the wrath of Natural forces. We have little time left for rectification. We should not further waste time for unnecessary discussions and debates for implementing Nature purification systems and banning polluting elements.

Every one of us is directly or indirectly responsible for violating the Nature’s law and destroying the ecosystem. We have now, by the grace of the Cosmic Energy, possessed the 100% eco-friendly, 100% pollution-free, high-tech engineering technology to clean up the Nature from dangerously high level of pollution. We can now produce electricity without polluting the atmosphere or exploiting the Natural resources. We have the technology to substitute dangerously poisonous plastic with bio-degradable herbal plastic. We have solution for organic waste management and processing system. We have powerful energy preservation mechanism and we have portable herbal and harmless battery to replace poisonous battery for power preservation. We have Ateendriya Suraksha for total protection of the entire movable and immovable assets including each one of us. We can therefore get rid of dangerous nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons, created by the scientific community to kill each one of us. No enemy in the world can overcome the protection system of Ateendriya Suraksha. We therefore need not worry of our enemies and spend our precious time and money for making dangerous weapons.

What is required is your firm commitment and dedicated attitude to implement the above tasks, or force the authorities to implement the above tasks. This may be our last opportunity to transform this suffocating world back to normal. (Please refer the book “Radiation of multiple internal and external forces in you” in this regard)

These state-of-the-art, ready to start engineering technologies and the protecting system of the highest and supreme status have emerged by the blessings of the internal and external Cosmic forces through Ancient scientific Ateendriya scholar Acharai Sri Barat Sandhya (Sri Barat Venkit) for the betterment of humanity and all the living entities of the planet Earth. Let us come together and make the planet Earth a heavenly home land for millions of generations to come. Extreme chances of survival are possible with a dedicated “yes” decision from each one of you, though it is very late. Everything will perish with a “no” decision from you for implementing the above sighted opportunities.

About M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises

M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises is the only authorized company formed to coordinate and implement all the activities promoted by Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre.

Founder and Managing Director of M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises

Acharai Shri Barat Sandhya (Shri Barat Venkit)

– by the radiation of Internal and External Forces of Cosmic Energy

A humble servant and representative of “The Almighty Holy Mother Nature” and Scholar of Ateendriya Ancient Science

About the past life:

I had been a self-made man, all through my life in the past. The moment I realized that the direction I proceeded would take me to a spiritual dead end, I compelled myself for a transformation physically, mentally and spiritually, and kept myself to a track that can lead me to self-realization. I realized that self-realization is the only way to reach the ultimate truth, the ultimate consciousness and the ultimate divine Mother Energy. My spiritual life had absolutely no root to my past life and I therefore strongly believe that my past life has no significance in the making of “Barat Sandhya”. Hence it is to be ignored and left alone with the past.

About the present life:

I live in Sandhya Mandir situated somewhere in Thiruvananthapuram, a city of rich ancient traditional culture in the southern end of South India. Years of my dedicated effort and self-disciplined life, both internally and externally, have been a source of my energy to persuade the power of life within me internally, and that which is the core of the existence of the universe. Transcendental meditation has helped me to realize that I am, as a human being not a singular entity and it is a cluster of billions of energies, united for a common cause for reaching the destination. The master of this group is “Sri Paramatma Barat”. The master in me has attained the status of Paramatma, which is the supreme status of the soul, and is a part of “Parabrahma”, the ultimate source of knowledge, strength and the life.

Sandhya Mandhir

Committed destined responsibilities:

I have been entrusted with certain responsibilities of revival of ancient tantric science and ancient herbal science. Invention of Ateendriya Suraksha, medicines to cure fatal diseases, other projects to clean up the Nature from air, water and soil pollution described in this document are part of these responsibilities.

I hope that billions of people across the world may be benefited out of these divine endeavors, who in turn must serve the Mother Nature by maintaining cleanliness and making it pollution free and exploitation free, and above all transform the Earth as a God’s own world for millions of generations to come.

– Ateendriya Ancient Science scholar Acharai Shri Barat Venkit

(by the radiation of Internal and External Forces of Cosmic Energy)

Profile of Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre

Vision, Mission and Values of Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre

Our Vision:

  1. To clean up the Nature from all types of pollution
  2. To preserve pollution-free air, water and soil
  3. To establish pollution-free, eco-friendly, hi-tech and self-sufficient villages
  4. To educate and upgrade youngsters for giving birth to elevated future generation
  5. To create an eco-friendly generation free from diseases
  6. To replace all polluting industries with 100% eco-friendly non-polluting industries
  7. To educate general public about eco-friendly self-sufficient organic cultivation
  8. To promote afforestation program and ensure nil deforestation
  9. To provide technological support to governments/corporates for eco-friendly substitutes in order to control and ban exploitation of natural resources
  10. To promote and educate new generation to follow the redefined values of life (Refer “Redefining values of human life”)

Our Mission:

  1. To implement Ateendriya Suraksha for providing safety, security and protection to the life of all inhabitants on Earth
  2. To implement our 100% eco-friendly electricity generating technologies and replace all polluting, conventional and dangerous power generating systems
  3. To implement 100% eco-friendly Ancient Herbal power storing technology and replace existing hazardous, chemical batteries
  4. To implement Ancient instant organic waste processing technology and ensure pollution-free cities
  5. To implement Ancient ECO-Plastic technology for waste plastic eradication
  6. To implement Ancient Plastic Plywood technology for waste plastic eradication and reduce dependence on natural wood for construction
  7. To implement afforestation projects and prevent deforestation
  8. To implement bio-degradable natural plastic technology and reduce dependence on bio-non-degradable plastic
  9. To promote eco-friendly Rubber Concrete technology and reduce over-dependence on cement-based construction
  10. To implement Ancient technology for sewage water purification as part of our cleaning up the Nature from pollution

Redefining values of human life:

Honesty, integrity, loyalty, empathy, truthfulness, love, peace etc are some of the values that human beings normally seek to attain, practice and live with. We have been taught to inculcate these values of life from our childhood onwards by parents and teachers as it will bring goodness to oneself and to the society at large.

However unfortunately, these value-based teachings are not specific and it is too general. They lack clarity resulting in fundamental dilution of our core existence. Many criminal-minded hypocrites have taken advantage of this situation and given interpretations to suit to their selfish gain. Hence gradually our value-based systems have been narrowed down to achieve selfish objectives of some vested interested exploiters. Initially it started with human to human values and later it got further diluted, deteriorated and reduced to some selected human to human values. Now it has been given clear boundaries and demarcations of caste, creed, race, religion, sex, geographical or political territories.

All these wrong selfish interpretations have come into existence due to the vagueness and non-clarity in the proper definition of human values. Our new generation is being injected and radicalized with these false human values. This has given birth to a highly compartmentalized society. Their loyalty, integrity and honesty etc are restricted within the compartment. Highest recognition and awards are given to those who are being dishonest, causing hardships, creating hatred, discrimination, violence, looting or cheating etc done to the people living in the other compartments of the society. They are considered as heroes and heroines and it is regarded as bravery and display of highest commitment to their own society. They are also regarded as protectors of great human values.

Our so-called modern civilized societies unfortunately have become 100% inhuman, intolerant and reduced to mere puppets in the hands of vested interested leaders/groups. It would be too late if you don’t make a true self analysis on yourself and take appropriate corrective steps at the earliest.

Your self-analysis must find answers on few fundamental issues i.e.,

  1. Am I directly or indirectly involved in any destructive activities of eco-system?
  2. Am I involved in deforestation in any manner?
  3. Am I a part of manufacturing/marketing of bio non-degradable objects like plastics?
  4. Am I a part of exploitation of Natural resources?
  5. Am I a part of making/using poisonous chemical pesticides or manure?
  6. Have I so far involved in planting trees and other afforestation activities?
  7. Have I looted the farmers who are involved in cultivation and feeding us with delicious food?
  8. Have I involved in constructional concrete structures more than I need to live?
  9. Have I done injustice to anyone just because he/she belongs to some other belief, faith, religion, society, cast, creed, race or territory?
  10. Am I truthful to myself or became a mere tool/weapon in the hands of your fraud master?

A proper and genuine analysis will help you to understand yourself and your present situation. This knowledge will help you to come out of the trap and start leading a fulfilling satisfactory life. You must realize that the Mother Nature is with you in every second of your life through its various forms of pancha bhooth (5 elements of the Nature – Air, Water, Fire, Space and Earth). You therefore cannot afford to disassociate yourself from the Nature. The closer you live with the Nature, the stronger you become physically, intellectually, mentally and spiritually. Your close interaction with the Nature will make you a successful person in your chosen endeavours.

Human values therefore cannot be isolated or de-linked from the Nature. We need to redefine human values of life with no scope of getting diluted or misinterpreted, so that our present and future generations are no more misguided. It should be crystal clear to every segment of the society and every individual, irrespective of their proximity, involvement or allegiance to any type of belief, movement or political background.

Fundamentally we must teach and train our kids that each one of us should be ready to sacrifice almost anything to live with our most valuable values. It should have no scope of compromise. Our primary honesty, sincerity, truthfulness and loyalty etc must be towards the Nature who has given us life, sustains our life and helps to accomplish our task in the day-to-day life. The Nature is giving us air to breathe and survive, water to quench our thirst, food for our nourishment and medicines to cure our diseases. Our new generation must be taught that the Nature is their most beloved Mother, Father, Guru and the God. They must be taught to respect Nature as their supreme authority and honor of whatever they possess. Their intelligence, their wealth, their health and their very existence are the blessings of the Nature. They must be taught that these precious values of life are the most supreme commandments of life. They must be taught those who break these commandments will be punished by the Nature, both individually and collectively. They must be taught that punishments will come in the form of failures, diseases and various calamities emerging from the Nature. Your masters or society leaders cannot protect you from such disasters. Everyone including your fraud masters will perish in such events. They must be taught that exploitation of Nature and destroying the eco-system in any manner is the gravest crime inviting capital punishment and will not be tolerated at all.

Our new generation must be taught that everyone of us is just one among other inhabitants of the Nature and they have no authority to take the ownership of anything here. The Nature is the supreme and absolute owner of everything on Earth and we are just the subjects. Life on Earth will be meaningful, colourful and successful if we are able to uphold these fundamental values for every one of us and for millions of generations to come.

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