Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Kayakalpa Treatment System

(From the house of Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre)

It is an Ateendriya Ancient Tantric ultra-hi-tech treatment system for curing diseases without administering any internal or external medicines on the patients. It is usually done for emergency purposes to save precious human life. It is done with the help of Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Science from the timeless and boundary-less space. Hence the result is almost instant and physical presence of the patient is not required for this treatment.

This treatment can also be given to a group of people at a time irrespective of the type of illness and physical, mental and intellectual conditions of the patients. Eligibility of getting this treatment is solely at the discretion of the Acharai subject to compliance of all other administrative formalities.

Highlights of Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Kayakalpa treatment:

  1. Can cure all types of physical, mental and intellectual illness
  2. This treatment can be given to people suffering from even critical physical injuries
  3. No medication required, neither internal nor external
  4. Instant cure from the disease
  5. No hospitalization required
  6. No physical presence of the patient required for this treatment
  7. Treatment can be given to the patient even without their knowledge and consent. This situation arises if the patient is in unconscious condition or in coma stage. However, the consent of the close relatives in such cases is a must.
  8. Treatment can be extended to patients anywhere in the world or even in space.

Benefactors of Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Kayakalpa treatment:

  1. Scientists who are in space shuttle
  2. Scientists and tourists who are in remote locations like Arctic and Antarctic regions
  3. People who are held up in any remote area and unable to get emergency medical support
  4. Injured soldiers in the war field
  5. Individuals or a group of individuals who have suffered external or internal injury due to vehicle accidents, due to Natural calamities, due to terror attacks or building collapses etc.
  6. People suffering from incurable diseases.
  7. People suffering from sudden pandemic attacks.
  8. People suffering from unexpected attacks by domestic/wild animals.
  9. People caught in fire accidents.
  10. People suffering from psychological/mental disorders.
  11. People suffering from intellectual disorders/inefficiencies etc.

Administrative formalities:

Strict compliance of certain administrative formalities is mandatory for Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Kayakalpa treatment.

  1. The below details of the patient need to be forwarded to the official email id of M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises as mentioned in our website.
    • Personal details of the patient (bio-data)
    • Physical details of the patient
    • Latest full-size photo not exceeding 6×4 inches size
    • Medical history of the patients so far
    • A brief description of the disease and present issues, discomforts faced by the patients
    • Any other relevant matters (if any)
  2. Forwarding the above case sheet of the patient for primary approval from the Acharai (internal procedure)
  3. Allotment of unique registration ID to the individual patient once approved
  4. Payment remittance
  5. Treatment commences

Minimum time required for the above process is 24hrs subject to providing all required details.

Advance registration scheme for the treatment:

As informed earlier, treatment can be given only after completing all administrative formalities as mentioned above. This apparently may delay the process of commencing the treatment. Such delay would be critical in emergency situations to save the patient. Advance registration scheme has been introduced to avoid such bottlenecks.

Interested customers can avail this facility of advance registration scheme for the treatment. A unique registration code will be assigned to every registered individual. This registration code of the registered customer needs to be communicated in case of any emergency along with a brief description of the cause of emergency. This will by-pass all other administrative formalities. Treatment will be commenced instantly after the payment remittance without any further delay. It may be noted that priority will be given to pre-registered customers for the treatment.

Application form for registration is made available in the website along with terms and conditions. Incomplete/inadequate details will lead to delay and perhaps rejection.

We have not entrusted any agency or individual to act on behalf of us for collecting the registration fee or involving in treatment procedures. Interested customers therefore need to contact the company directly only through our email id which is mentioned in our official website. All indirect applications therefore will be rejected. Payment fee should not be remitted before the final approval from the company. M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises reserves the right to reject any application without quoting any reason even after allotment of the registration ID. This situation mostly arises when we find that your self-declared history is either incomplete or untrue

Advance registration fee:

USD 150 per individual. It is one-time registration and non-refundable.

People not eligible for this treatment:

  1. People who have not received approval from the Acharai
  2. People who fall under “Death warrant” category and contempt for irrevocable punishments. Refer Death Warrant for details
  3. People who have not made full payment remittance
  4. Physical disabilities of the patient by birth
  5. People who have undergone organ transplantation/organ removal surgery. (Treatment cannot be given to that part of the body)

Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Kayakalpa treatment fee:

USD 60000 per individual per treatment.

Life-saving treatment will be given to the patient to overcome the emergency situation along with all connected life-threatening diseases of the patient.