Ateendriya Charitra Chalachitra Leghyam

“A Testimony of Cosmic Realities”

Ateendriya Charitra Chalachitra Leghyam is an ancient wireless communication system existed in a highly technologically developed society in the past. They could communicate and establish contacts with each other, living in far away places. They exchanged views, ideas, technological developments, in many fields like building construction, transportation, treatments; and spiritual, social, cultural advancements & achievements through this medium.

They could collect information about the past, present and the future from every nook and corner of the entire universe without any restrictions or boundaries of time, space and distance. Like a Zoom video conferencing technology or Cloud meeting, they were able to communicate to their counterparts without any assistance of complicated equipment, electricity or signals from satellite installation.

Precious moments of the past can be captured using this technology. However, due to high atmospheric pollution, we can capture events of recent past only (not older than 6 days). The past event can be captured as a video along with audio and visual images in black and white. We can extend this service of Ateendriya Ancient technology to governments, organizations and others provided, the intentions are noble, for the betterment of the society and above all, it should be convincing to us. We will not entertain any request even from governments if it has got remote possibilities of any kind of misuse, against the eco-system of the Nature, selfish motives or hidden agendas to harm others.

We have no intention to extend this service of capturing images that are destined to happen in future other than certain events that are described in the “Predictions” pages of our website.

Some of the unique advantages of Ateendriya Charitra Chalachitra Leghyam technology:

  1. Video and audiography of any type of accidents occurred anywhere in the atmosphere, oceans, surface of Earth or under the Earth
  2. Video and audiography of events like smuggling, looting, theft, dacoit, violence, murdering happened in the recent past anywhere on Earth irrespective of the location. No object can block the penetrating eyes of Ateendriya invisible forces.
  3. All types of road accidents
  4. All types of air accidents
  5. All types of accidents in oceans and other water bodies
  6. All types of activities of satellites installed at the outer atmosphere
  7. This technology can be used to find out missing satellites in the space
  8. To find out any attacks, accidents etc happened on satellites
  9. To find out locations of missing objects/individuals
  10. To find out hidden places of terrorists, their place of stay and their stock of explosive devices and ammunitions
  11. To find out explosive devices planted at strategic points by terrorists for the purpose of destruction
  12. To find out the real causes of forest fire
  13. To find out the photographs and locations of computer hackers
  14. To find out spies working against the country their locations and photographs
  15. To carry out researches on planets in the solar planetary systems
  16. To carry out researches on the entire planets in the planetary system of the universe
  17. To find out location of deposits of Natural resources of minerals, metals and other precious things within a depth of 100 ft. from sea level
  18. To find out areas of intense pressure developing deep down inside Earth. This will help us to accurately predict possibilities of volcanic eruption, earthquakes etc

Inhabitants in other planets of the universe:

It may be noted that there are numerous living beings existing in some or many planets in the universe. Many of these living beings do possess immense physical, mental and intellectual powers than human beings on Earth.

We cannot see them with our bear naked eyes. We can, however, overcome these inabilities by adapting certain technology in the process. This technology will enable us to see these living beings in the video. We will educate our customers to develop and install this system. Though some of these living beings are intellectually more capable than human beings, are also unable to see living inhabitants on the planet Earth in the absence of this technology, in spite of making frequent visits to Earth. They still believe that the planet Earth is a mere barren land, without any inhabitants.

This technology may perhaps open up new opportunities to enter into the new scientific horizon in the outer space. It may help us to make tie-ups with the living entities of other planets, communicate with them and interact with them and exchange our views of common interest.

This technology will be made available to our customers based on the remittance of royalty.

Sl. No.


Minimum cost

Maximum duration of video/audio


Local events

INR 1,00,000/- per second

Not more than 13 minutes


Nationally important events

INR 1,50,000/- per second

Not more than 13 minutes


Internationally important events

INR 3,00,000/- per second

Not more than 13 minutes


Events under water

INR 10 Crores

Not more than 13 minutes


Events occurring in deep water bodies 100 ft. below the sea surface level

INR 13 Crores

Not more than 13 minutes


Events occurring up in the sky and outer atmosphere

INR 20 Crores

Not more than 13 minutes


To find out missing objects/individuals

INR 10 Crores

Not more than 13 minutes


To expose hidden explosives of mass destruction

INR 25 Crores

Not more than 13 minutes


To find out the hideouts of terrorists, hackers and people engaged in illegal activities

INR 25 Crores

Not more than 13 minutes


To capture video of events in any selected planet within our solar system

INR 120 Crores

Not more than 13 minutes


To capture video of events in any selected planet existing anywhere in the universe, outside our solar system

INR 500 Crores

Not more than 13 minutes


Royalty for handing over the technology to view inhabitants of other planets in the captured video

INR 5.5 Crores per customer


Minimum advance to be remitted:- 60% of the minimum cost and balance to be remitted before handing over the video.

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