Sat-karma gati nirnayam

“Create your fate”

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  1. Calendar
  2. The Time
  3. Eligibility criteria for individuals to follow the specifications mentioned in this calendar
  4. Special eligibility norms for individuals for following * marked timings given in the calendar
  5. Caution
  6. Eligibility criteria for organizations, institutions, temples, churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious & non-religious centres
  7. Procedure for planting
  8. Committing grave offense to The Holy Nature
  9. Inaccuracy in calculation of precise sunrise time
  10. Individuals who are unable to plant and maintain trees to become eligible to follow the calendar “Sat-karma gati nirnayam”
  11. Download Calendar
  12. Favorable subjects/focused area of action plans suitable for:
  13. Desirable actions and activities for those who are born and brought up (continent-wise)


The calendar is prepared for the purpose of everyone in the world irrespective of location, place & time of birth, gender, color, race, caste, creed, faith, religion, age, nationality etc. This calendar is above all man-made restrictions and is a priceless gift to mankind from “The Almighty Holy Mother Nature” for their betterment, prosperity and success. The calendar will make each one of you more productive, more efficient, more skillful, more resourceful, more intelligent and a better human being. The calendar will make you understand how important it is to respect yourself, respect others, respect other Almighty forces and respect every movable and immovable object in the world and the world outside. The calendar will make you understand how dependable human beings are, on the planets and on other Natural forces in and around the planetary system. Hope all of you will take serious note of the same and accept with utmost sincerity and indebtedness towards The Holy Mother Nature.

Existence of life on Earth is possible only with the influence of Pancha bhooth. The Holy Nature is physically made of these five powerful elements. Nothing can be created, produced, grown, protected without their direct influence. Human body and its intellectual network also is made of these elements. Planet Earth is having direct and indirect influence of visible and non-visible planets in the space. The planet Earth is therefore not a water-tight compartment of its own. Your success therefore is directly linked to these forces. The magnetic forces of these planets is deeply related to the influence on your body, mind and intelligence, which is made of pancha bhooth. The auspicious timings have been derived based on the degree of influence of many matters you are indulging into. Your success will be far greater and far quicker if you start your actions and focus on them at the auspicious time. The auspicious and inauspicious timings have been given day-wise in the calendar. The calendar therefore gives you a very clear clarity on what to do, when to do, where to do and how to do.

Life on Earth is like getting into a war field. The time available with you is very limited. There are very many natural enemies loaded with their fighting equipment against you. All are under the natural law of “Survival of the fittest”. The fittest only will survive and the unfit will perish. You need to protect yourself from all your internal and external enemies. It comes in the form of diseases, fear, failures, physical, mental and intellectual limitations.

The calendar will equip you to make targeted attacks with minimum wastage of time and force in this war field to be successful. You can hit at the very target and yield quick result. The calendar will not leave anything to the unknown fate or it does not believe anything called unfortunate. It is like finding water availability in the under-ground with an apparatus and dig well at the very spot, instead of digging well through the land until you find water. The calendar leaves nothing to the unknown or coincidence. It is nothing but intelligent smart work.

The calendar is made into three segments:

  • Segment I :– From 18th Oct to 12th Feb irrespective of year
  • Segment II :– From 13th Feb to 15th Jun and from 17th Aug to 17th Oct irrespective of year
  • Segment III :– From 16th Jun to 16th Aug irrespective of year

“The Time”:

The calendar is all about timings. Everything on Earth emerges with the time. The time therefore is Almighty. Time is therefore the most precious thing in the world. No one can produce a fraction of a second nor store it. It is limited to each one of us living in this world. Time never stops. It comes and goes waiting for none, not even for the time. There is only past and future. Present is a myth. Present is not a reality. It is a mere convenience though everyone wants to be always be in the present. Your actions, either it is some of the past that has been already taken place or something to be taken place. The difference between the past and the future can be a split of a second or millions of centuries.

Activities are getting flown from future to the past every moment of your life. Some will get good result and some will get negative result. Some will make you famous and some will ruin you. This is happening because you do not know the importance of time. Some of your actions will yield quick results and some will give delayed result. There are some actions that will never give you result, wasting your time, effort and hard-earned resources. The calendar is all about finding timings. It is a ready reference and make aware of your good time whichever field you are into. As the saying – strike while the iron is hot. This means at a cold iron, you will end up in futile attempts and colossal waste of energy and time. Inauspicious times are like that. The calendar will guide you to find the most appropriate time and the most appropriate type of action.

You must remember that time is so precious and is constantly moving. Every moment the past is getting accumulated with your actions, leaving only fewer and fewer future actions in the stock of your limited life span. Good time rarely comes to you by its own. If it comes without your involvement, you can describe them as mere luck. Your good time is consciously created and discovered by your earnest hard work, smart work and intelligent work. This calendar is a tool or a pointer to excavate your success in the area of your own choice. It equips you to minimize your effort and maximize your result. One day when your time is getting over in this limited frame of life, you will have a heap of successful events that will make you happy and proud. This will enable you to finally conquer the ever-moving time. Your successful action will make you ever-lasting that cannot be erased by the very time. We can call this phenomenon as immortal. In other words, they will take you to a time-less and boundary-less world where there is no limitation of time.

The Sun God, who is the custodian of Time will be too happy to honour such elevated and immortal energies who have well utilized the given limited time and contributed to the planet and all its inhabitants.

Eligibility criteria for individuals to follow the specifications mentioned in this calendar:

The calendar can be utilized to perform the duties in accordance with good and auspicious times by every individual as mentioned above, subject to planting and maintaining a minimum of 50 long-life tree saplings/seedlings of any variety of your choice. Those who do not plant or have insufficient minimum quantity of planting or who do not maintain the planted saplings are not eligible nor entitled to take advantage of this calendar. The auspicious timings mentioned in the calendar will become fruitless for non-eligible people.

Special eligibility norms for individuals for following * marked timings given in the calendar:

You need to plant and maintain a minimum of 55 additional long-life tree saplings to avail the benefits of * marked good times mentioned in the calendar. In other words, all the * marked good times will fall into the category of inauspicious times if you fail to plant and maintain a minimum of additional 55 plants. This is in addition to planting and maintaining of a minimum of 50 saplings to qualify and avail the benefits of the good times mentioned in the calendar.


No one is exempted from this irrevocable condition of eligibility criteria, including physically disabled, children below the age of 7, physically weak aged individuals and mentally unfit individuals. However, parents/guardians can plant and maintain the required no. of saplings on their behalf until they are capable to do so on their own. People who are physically well to the extent of planting trees on their own cannot take any assistance from anyone for planting. However, they can take assistance for the remaining works with regard to planting. Planting need to be done with their own hands, failing which the benefit will go to the person who is actually planting.


The calendar is presented to all from “The house of Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre”. We have not given any license, authorizations, agency, printing rights, visual rights, etc. to anyone. Printing or publishing calendar’s content fully or partly without prior approval from M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises in writing, for commercial purpose through any media is therefore illegal and a punishable offense.

Eligibility criteria for organizations, institutions, temples, churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious & non-religious centres:

Plant and maintain a minimum of 50+55=105 saplings/seedlings of long-life trees (having minimum life of tree: 100 years) in and around the main building premises, keeping a distance of 16 ft. between the plants. If you have no space for planting trees, you need to purchase sufficient required land that is adjacent to main building premises. The land for this purpose must be adjacent to the main building only and not anywhere else. Planting can be done by any official of the organization, but should be done on behalf of the organization in auspicious times facing East or North directions. The person who is planting should be free from physical injuries at the time of planting. Ladies also can plant on behalf of the organization avoiding during menstrual period.

It may be noted that institutions/organizations/ temples/ churches/ mosques/ synagogues and other religious & non-religious centres do not have the option to follow only the timings meeting the basic eligibility criteria. Planting and maintaining a minimum of 105 saplings for them is mandatory. Planting and maintaining a minimum of 105 saplings makes them qualify to follow the calendar timings in full.

Procedure for planting:

Keeping the purpose in mind, hold the sapling in your own hands, face either North or East direction and plant the sapling in the pit. (It is preferable to put little organic manure in the pit before planting the sapling). Put some muddy water (or mud and water separately) atleast thrice after planting the sapling. Do not use any type of hand gloves while planting. Strictly avoid facing South direction while planting. Planting need to be done personally, with your own hands, failing which, the benefit will go to the person who is actually planting. However, you may take assistance of others for the remaining arrangements like digging pits, putting manure, organizing saplings, land leveling etc.


Committing grave offense to The Holy Nature:

Those who are not eligible to follow the calendar are not supposed to follow the time frame specifications given in the calendar. Planting and maintaining a minimum number of trees being the only eligibility criteria and nothing else, may be the simplest contribution to The Holy Nature from that individual. There will not be anyone to supervise your eligibility. You have to do it on your own and to your consciousness. If you fail to meet the eligibility criteria and continue taking advantage of the calendar, this would therefore amount to cheating the Nature, which is an unpardonable and a grave offense. Invisible forces of the Nature are tracing and tracking every moment of all of you. The Nature, The Almighty will punish all those offenders. You will have to bear severe consequences and perhaps without any remedial measure.

Inaccuracy in calculation of precise sunrise time:

The calendar timings are prepared on the assumption that the sunrise is at 6 AM. You need to amend the timings depending on the sunrise time of your location. For an example, if the sunrise time at your location is at 6.31 AM instead of 6 AM as mentioned in the calendar, you need to add 31 minutes to every timing mentioned in this calendar. If you don’t follow sunrise time of your location, the entire timing given here will be inaccurate for your location. You need to follow sunrise time wherever you are physically present. If you travel to a different location, sunrise time of your current location need to be followed. Sun God is the custodian of time for the planet Earth and also for all the other planets in this solar system. Hence following a computerized mechanical timing will be useless for the purpose of finding good auspicious timings.

You are advised to add 2 minutes in the beginning of all good times and deduct 2 minutes at the end of all good times due to the inaccuracy of precise sunrise time calculation world-over.                       

It is to be noted that both auspicious time that is preceded by inauspicious time in the beginning and inauspicious time that is followed by the auspicious time at the end should not avoid 2 minutes precautionary measure at any cost.

Individuals who are unable to plant and maintain trees to become eligible to follow the calendar “Sat-karma gati nirnayam”:

Yes, we are extending this facility to selected individuals. This scheme will not be available for every individual. You need to contact M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises, narrating your personal inabilities to plant and maintain minimum no. of long-life trees. If your request is approved, you will be permitted to remit @ INR 11,000/- per tree with M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises’ official bank account directly. You are not allowed to remit any amount without prior approval.

This facility is not extended to any institution. Request from institutions therefore will not be approved. It is limited to only individuals with genuine reason.

Download Calendar:

(Format 2 has timing specifications listed in descending order)

Recommended commencement of successful action plans, focused subjects and area of activities on all Sundays given below. You can continue giving importance to your selected main subjects on a daily basis. However, the commencement of long-term, mid-term and short-term action plans must be selected in accordance with this plan of action. Auspicious muhurtas are there every day. Nevertheless, some days are very special for certain particular subject. Success cannot escape from you if the action performed on auspicious time as well as on favourable auspicious day. It is like a double engine on a rocket in your journey of action-packed life ensuring high speed, higher quality and highest range.

Favorable subjects/focused area of action plans suitable for:


  1. The Sun God
  2. Father
  3. Gods
  4. Kings
  5. Atma
  6. Astrology
  7. Astronomy
  8. Bones, nails, teeth, skin, eyes
  9. Treatments
  10. Day time
  11. Boldness
  12. Dignity
  13. Fame
  14. Government job
  15. Copper and gold
  16. Victory
  17. Offerings to get blessings from God
  18. Mountains
  19. Valour
  20. Enthusiasm
  21. Divine powers
  22. House
  23. Strength
  24. Upliftment
  25. Saintly people
  26. Holy places


  1. Goddesses
  2. Mental strength
  3. Mother
  4. Women
  5. Pleasure
  6. Agriculture
  7. Water
  8. Paddy and other food grains
  9. Night
  10. Taking bath
  11. Cream color
  12. Authority
  13. Flowers
  14. Fruits
  15. Plants
  16. Pearl
  17. Ornaments
  18. Conch
  19. Worshipping materials
  20. Sweet edible items
  21. Saffron flower
  22. Sandal wood
  23. Mirror
  24. Perfumes
  25. Betel chewing (tambulam)
  26. Alcohol
  27. Curd
  28. Ghee
  29. Milk
  30. Romantic things
  31. Sweet voices
  32. Illusions
  33. Powerful women forces
  34. Bronze metal


  1. Body strength
  2. Brothers
  3. Smugglers
  4. Thiefs
  5. Army
  6. Warriors
  7. War
  8. Weapons
  9. Arsonery
  10. Cruel actions
  11. Valour
  12. Help
  13. False statement
  14. Fire
  15. Gold
  16. Kitchen
  17. Fighting
  18. Anger
  19. Lightning
  20. Sword
  21. Spear
  22. Archery
  23. Interest in other man’s wife/other woman’s husband
  24. Bullets
  25. Engine
  26. Smoke
  27. Rocks
  28. Chemical materials
  29. Fierce gods and goddesses (rowdra devata)


  1. Literature
  2. Mathematics
  3. Sports
  4. Knowledge
  5. Relatives
  6. Skin
  7. Angle
  8. In-laws
  9. Debates
  10. Arguments
  11. Victory
  12. Schools/colleges
  13. Truth
  14. Prayers and rituals
  15. Poetry
  16. Science
  17. Devotion
  18. Abilities/skills
  19. Friends
  20. Going out of the country for education
  21. Equipment for literary works
  22. Masters and disciples
  23. Languages
  24. Arts
  25. Maintenance of cattle and live stock


  1. Knowledge
  2. Sympathy
  3. Act of goodness
  4. Own children
  5. Intelligence
  6. Meditation
  7. Ministerial activities
  8. Traditional arts
  9. Masters
  10. Knowledge imbibing activities
  11. Salvation
  12. Scriptures/ancient literary works
  13. Prosperity
  14. Prince/princesses
  15. Traditional practices
  16. Educational awards
  17. Yoga
  18. Exercises
  19. Sanyastham
  20. Self-control
  21. Tantric works
  22. Chastity
  23. Married life
  24. Exile in old age
  25. Devotional vows
  26. Laws
  27. Sacred hymns
  28. Daily routine good practices
  29. Monogamy
  30. Sacred music instruments
  31. Conch music
  32. Traditional devotional practices, songs etc.
  33. Saintly elevated people
  34. God’s blessings
  35. Spiritual remedial measures
  36. Repentance


  1. Ornaments
  2. Pleasure giving things
  3. Wealth
  4. Vehicles
  5. Art works
  6. Painting
  7. Precious things
  8. Caps
  9. Clothes
  10. Silk materials
  11. Dance, music troops, music equipment
  12. Helpers/assistance
  13. Bedrooms
  14. Furniture
  15. Lovers
  16. Sacred
  17. Cinema/drama troops
  18. Colleges
  19. Gardens
  20. Palatial buildings
  21. Beautiful ladies
  22. Goddess of richness, beauty and power
  23. Powerful female demons


  1. Longevity of life
  2. Death
  3. Fear
  4. Racial/caste conflicts
  5. Sadness
  6. Disease
  7. Poverty
  8. Insult
  9. Slavery
  10. Matters related to servants
  11. Cremation ceremony
  12. Cruel people
  13. Cruel actions
  14. Laziness
  15. Giving support to undeserving people
  16. Camel/donkey/buffalo
  17. Old people
  18. Debt
  19. Jail, arrest
  20. Forest
  21. Agriculture equipment
  22. Parents
  23. Cleaning equipment
  24. Fishing/fishing equipment
  25. Shylessness
  26. Pulverising equipment
  27. Rice harvesting/peeling equipment
  28. Workshops
  29. Land
  30. Rocks
  31. Coal, charred wood
  32. Ashes
  33. Oil extractor
  34. Iron
  35. Flowers offering in cremation centres
  36. Sesame seeds
  37. Left-over food
  38. All second-hand things
  39. Washrooms
  40. Blacksmith
  41. Beggars
  42. Ex-communicated people
  43. People engaged in iron metal, agriculture, garments cleaning, vessel cleaning, alcohol making
  44. Thunder
  45. Exorcism 

Desirable actions and activities for those who are born and brought up continent-wise:

Every person is having the freedom to choose his/her selected subjects of interest to develop his/her career. However, a person born and brought up (not migrated) in a particular continent will have in-born qualities to excel in certain selected activities that are given below. These are general guidelines and not necessary for everyone to follow.

Individuals born and brought up in Asia:

All activities related to:

  1. Electricals
  2. All types of engineering works
  3. Warriors, naval forces, armed forces and army
  4. Oceanography/fishing activities
  5. Cloth and cotton industries

Individuals born and brought up in Europe:

All matters related to:

  1. All types of mechanical engineering works
  2. All types of electrical engineering works
  3. All types of engineering works
  4. All kinds of handicrafts
  5. All types of chemicals related activities
  6. All types of electronic engineering

Individuals born and brought up in South America:

All matters related to:

  1. All types of architecture
  2. Army and armed forces
  3. All kinds of excavations
  4. Matters related to biology
  5. All types of treatments of diseases

Individuals born and brought up in North America:

All matters related to:

  1. All types of agricultural activities
  2. All types of crafts and handicrafts
  3. All activities related to furniture
  4. All activities related to astronomy

Individuals born and brought up in Africa:

All matters related to:

  1. All activities related to metal engineering
  2. All activities related to mathematics
  3. All activities related to educational institutions/learning centres

Individuals born and brought up in Australia:

All matters related to:

  1. Livestock/animal protection
  2. Gold, silver and copper metals trade and development activities