Sheela Raksha Kavach

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1. Sheela Raksha Kavach

2. Sheela Raksha Kavach – provides a promising future

3. What is Sheela Raksha Kavach – Face Mask?

4. What is Sheela Raksha Kavach – Net?

5. How does Corona virus Covid 19 enter into human body?

6. Highlights of Sheela Raksha Kavach Face Mask

7. Existing Corona and other pandemic preventive medication and precautionary practices Vs Sheela Raksha Kavach Face Mask

8. Major advantages of Sheela Raksha Kavach Face Mask

9. Uncompromising quality test and cost of the product

Sheela Raksha Kavach

The safest protection emerging from Nature

World today is confronted with unprecedented challenge due to the deadly pandemic Corona virus – Covid 19. It has affected every aspect of our life around the globe. Severe restrictions have been imposed on the movement of the individuals preventing all possible social, religious, commercial interactions. We are now forced to follow a different code of conduct that does not allow any of our traditional existing lifestyle.

The pandemic has crushed our economies, uprooted and torn apart the basic social fabrics of the society. It has already swallowed several thousands of precious lives from most of the countries irrespective of developed, developing or under-developed countries. Millions are bed-ridden in critical stages fighting for their survival. Hospitals are flooded with affected people. Doctors, nurses and health workers are becoming easy prey to this deadly pandemic in spite of taking all possible precautions.

People started describing this situation worse than a world war. Any amount of precautions i.e., hand wash, using sanitizers, wearing masks, quarantine, social distancing, medicines etc seems to be insufficient to arrest the spread of this aggressively spreading dangerous epidemic. How long can we live under lockdown? How long the society can live in quarantine? How long can we live under social distancing? No trace of normalcy anywhere and it seems to be far away or perhaps a thing of the past.

Sheela Raksha Kavach – provides a promising future:

Dear friends, do not get dejected or demotivated. We must believe in the saying “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” The reality today is that the spring has already come. We are here to announce something what all of you are desperately waiting for. The remedy is now knocking at your door step. Corona can no longer deprive your freedom of movements. Corona can no more quarantine you. Corona can never lockdown your aspirations. We have already cut its wings with our Ancient Herbal solutions. Corona cannot snatch yet another person’s precious life who are under our protection. What you need to do is just wear our herbal medicated face mask. This life-saving mask, known as Sheela Raksha Kavach is capable to provide you 100% protection under any circumstance. Social distance or physical distancing will be a history hereafter. You can fearlessly move around in your commercial market, fly to your favorite destinations, run your business, dine with your friends in your favorite restaurants etc. You are 100% safe if Sheela Raksha Kavach is around your nose.

What is Sheela Raksha Kavach – Face Mask?

It is a face mask made of cotton cloth coated with highly powerful herbal medicinal properties. The mask can protect the user from all types of air-borne diseases. No virus can survive if it is filtered through the mask. The mask can be safely used up to a maximum period of 5 days. The mask can be used by anyone irrespective of age or in any climatic and health condition. The mask is free from all types of chemical or artificial substances. The mask has zero negative partial effects.

What is Sheela Raksha Kavach – Net?

People of all ages can be infected by the deadly Corona virus, living in any climatic condition. However, older people, people with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetics, heart/ kidney/ lungs diseases, pregnant women, new born babies and their mothers, children under the age of 12 appear to be more vulnerable and belong to the highest risk category. Apart from this, health care workers, patients and by-standers in the hospital, people living in highly infected zones, family members of infected people also belong to high risk category.

We therefore must guard ourselves 24 hrs a day from these deadly pandemics. Sheela Raksha Kavach – Net will give you protection from all types of visible and invisible dangerous disease-causing viruses and insects etc to you and to your dear ones throughout the day and night. Sheela Raksha Kavach – net can be effectively used for a maximum period of 3 months. Face mask is there to protect you while you are on move and net is available while you take rest at home or in the place of your stay. Let us wish everyone a sweet disease-free and safe good day and night, and promising days after.

How does Corona virus Covid 19 enter into human body?

We wish to share certain vital information about the initial entry point of this pandemic. Source of this information is from the Ateendriya Ancient Herbal Science and hence it is 100% precise and error-free.

1.   Corona virus can enter into the human body through air, water and food

2.   The virus that enters into the lungs while breathing can only survive further and multiply. Body with average resistance power can destroy the remaining viruses that enter into the body through water, food etc. However, people with low resistance power and people already suffering from fatal diseases can succumb to the virus attack that enters into the body by any means.

3.   Corona virus can also enter into the body through mosquito bites

4.   What happens while taking food without wearing Sheela Raksha Kavach in a public restaurant?

The powerful herbal medicinal property in the Sheela Raksha Kavach enters into the lungs while breathing and will destroy Corona virus instantly. This will enable you to dine in your favorite restaurant without wearing mask subject to a maximum interval of 4 hours. If the gap exceeds 4 hours, your chances of getting infected is high and you need to take our other form of treatments.

Highlights of Sheela Raksha Kavach Face Mask:

Corona or any other pandemic of similar nature can no longer deprive your freedom, can no longer quarantine you or lockdown your aspirations. Social distancing or physical distancing will be a history from the moment you start wearing Ancient Herbal Face Mask “Sheela Raksha Kavach”. Life is too precious to spend worrying and life is too short to be wasted in quarantine. You must move and conquer greater heights of milestones and leave your foot and finger prints before you can rest.

1.   Corona virus cannot survive in the air that filters through the medicated mask

2.   Sheela Raksha Kavach can protect you from all types of air-borne diseases including Covid 19

3.   You can remain unaffected even if you are present in the highest risky zone or amidst Corona-affected people subject to wearing Sheela Raksha Kavach

4.   Sheela Raksha Kavach gives 100% protection to all health workers, doctors, nurses, crew members in the aircraft, scientists working in the lab etc in spite of their close interactions with the patients, customers or virus carrying medias

5.   Extended use of Sheela Raksha Kavach – the mask can be safely used for a period of 5 days. However, it cannot be washed and reused again.

Existing Corona and other pandemic preventive medication and precautionary practices Vs Sheela Raksha Kavach Face Mask:

Sl. No.


Home-made cloth face mask

Surgical double face mask

N95 Respirator mask

Reusable respirator mask

Preventive allopathic and Ayush medications

Self-protection practices/ quarantine

Sheela Raksha Kavach


Pandemic prevention efficiency



Nil – Though it can filter 95% of the air-borne particles

Nil – similar to N95

No preventive medicines currently available

Covid 19 is an air-borne disease. Washing hands with soap water or using alcohol-based rub frequently or not touching your face cannot prevent this pandemic

100% prevention is possible even with your physical presence in highly infected atmosphere.


Cost per day

INR 100 per day

INR 70-80 per day

Upto INR 600 per day

Not recommended

INR up to 3 lakhs per day

Upto INR 5000 per day. Cost of self-quarantine differs from place to place

Upto INR 100 per day


Partial effects


Adversely affects if used in long hours

Adversely affects if used in long hours

Adversely affects if used in long hours

Very high. Loss of life reported in many cases while using preventive medicines such as hydroxychloroquine and other recent developed drugs

Frequent hand wash using detergents will affect the skin adversely

Zero negative partial effects. On the contrary, it helps to boost the resistance power of the user





Restricted to health workers only. Not readily available

Restricted to health workers only. Not readily available

Yes, but cannot be taken without the prescription of a doctor


Yes, and can be made available all over the world




Adverse effect if reused

Adverse effect if reused

Adverse effect if reused



Up to 5 days


Protection from diseases

Partial protection, that too only from air-borne diseases


Full protection from air-borne, water-borne and food-borne diseases + 24 hrs protection + protection even when not using the mask for a short while. example: while having food etc


Major disadvantages

a) Prevents smooth air flow causing breathing difficulties

b) Physical impurities trapped and accumulated in the mask will help to breed micro-organisms along with chemical contaminations

Most of the available preventive medicines are adversely affecting the patients

Harsh chemicals present in the detergents damage the skin if used frequently

Zero disadvantages


Major advantages

Able to filter physical impurities marginally. This can be considered as an advantage if the mask is removed and replaced in every hour with a new one. This will be a disadvantage with extended use more than an hour, especially in polluted and infected atmosphere.


Helps to remove impurities marginally

See description given below



Major advantages of Sheela Raksha Kavach Face Mask:

1.   Able to filter 100% physical, chemical and micro-biological impurities and provides clean, unpolluted air to the user.

2.   The herbal medicinal properties present in the mask is able to attract oxygen from the atmosphere and helps to maintain the oxygen level in the body even in the highly polluted urban areas.

3.   Helps to prevent the spread of air-borne contagious diseases if given to already affected patients. Hence it is blocking the disease from further spread from the affected patients and thus protects the non-affected people from getting affected. In short Sheela Raksha Kavach can be considered more than a medicine to cure. It is truly a dead-trap for the pandemic. We can get rid of this pandemic and save millions of precious lives if you make earnest effort to provide Sheela Raksha Kavach to both infected and uninfected individuals as soon as possible.

4.   Recovery rate of already infected people will be faster and greater, provided they are using Sheela Raksha Kavach throughout the medication period.

Uncompromising quality test and cost of the product:

We wish to provide you few Sheela Raksha Kavach (face masks) for your verification and experiments. The mask can be subjected to any type of stringent quality test from your end. We are not presently equipped for a large-scale bulk production of the mask. However, it can be organized on a war-footing basis, if needed, within 10-15 days, subject to obtaining license from the appropriate authorities.

The mask can be manufactured and supplied at a cost of INR 500 per piece with a bulk order of not less than 10000 pieces. We do not intend to be in any retail business from our end. However, we wish to associate with governments or corporates who have got the infrastructure and inter-continental network.