Special Services from Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre

Special services are basically focused on resolving issues that are adversely affecting life of large section of the society, Nature and other inhabitants of the planet Earth. Ateendriya Ancient Tantric, Herbal, Engineering and Radiation Science Scholar – Acharai Sri Barat Venkit, with the blessings of internal and external Cosmic forces will address each issue individually and resolve the matter instantly, subject to the acceptance and adherence of certain terms and conditions laid down by M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises. Time, place and the required infrastructure will differ from case to case, and subject to subject. This will be communicated to the officials well in advance. It is performed in accordance with the procedures of Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Science, by invoking the Cosmic forces both internally and externally. The process therefore does not require large-scale physical infrastructure. For an example, a pot of water is sufficient enough to extinguish a violent forest fire that has already engulfed and spread over hundreds of acres of land. You may be aware of the fact that during such disasters, authorities are mostly involved in removing people from the affected area to safer locations, as they are miserably helpless to extinguish such violent fire in spite of using all modern extinguishing fire-fighting equipment and hundreds of helicopters engaged in such activities for days, weeks and months together to control the forest fire. Whereas, you can witness instant result immediately after the completion of the Tantric ceremony. Officials therefore need not waste their time and money for evacuation of people and valuable assets as the fire will get extinguished instantly.

All you need to do is to contact us immediately in the event of outbreak of such disasters. Request from general public will not be entertained in the case of common and social issues. Requests from authorized officials of the government is mandatory for availing our services. Interested ones can contact us at: 

[email protected]

Special services are available on the following issues:

1. Solution to the drought-hit areas to get normal rainfall. The area will get rainfall to the level that was there before drought. It will start raining within 10 days of availing our service

2. Solution to eradicate pandemics

3. Solution to eradicate fatal diseases

4. Locating the exact place of missing object like airplane etc

5. Identifying the technical snag in aircraft causing fatal accidents

6. To diffuse pollution caused by chemical, biological and nuclear weapon attacks

7. Ship designing – Special ship can be designed which can never sink even in the most forceful tsunami attack

8. Aircraft designing – Hi-tech aircraft can be designed that can withstand any external or internal attack. In the case of emergency or engine failure, the aircraft can be grounded in a slow motion even without the help of a pilot avoiding explosion or crash

9. Architectural designing – Special Ancient Vastu-shastra design can be given that can withstand intense and powerful earthquakes. Such buildings will last for centuries and will have in-built preventive mechanism to withstand powerful lightening, cyclones, man-made attacks etc

10. Recovery of lost space shuttle/satellites from the outer space

11. Protection to computers from all kinds of existing and future viruses/worms

12. Protection from hacking, copyright piracy and software piracy

13. Protection to banks, other money lending institutions, financial institutions and financial instruments and ATMs, all online transactions from all kinds of internal and external attacks, mob violence, theft, fraud from dishonest employees, hacking and all kinds of cyber-attacks

14. Protection to cryptocurrency

15. Protection to confidential files, classified documents, technologies, inventions, formulae, trade secrets on intangible assets, patents, thesis etc of national and international importance

16. Protection from cyber-attacks for governments who possess nuclear, chemical or biological weapons

17. Protection to the people/cities/nations from nuclear, chemical and biological attacks

18. Protection for automobiles, aircraft, ships, trains etc

19. Protection for airports, shipyards, railway stations etc

20. Protection to forests from forest fire

21. Protection to agriculture from pests without having to use any pesticides (excluding 8% of the crop yield which is meant for the other inhabitants of the Nature)

22. Protection to aquaculture from all known and unknown contagious diseases

23. Protection to domestic animals and birds from all known and unknown contagious diseases, and also protection to the people from their attacks

24. Protection from corruption (as of now restricted to few departments only. Please refer Ateendriya Suraksha Scheme 17)

25. Protection to all the movable and immovable assets of individuals including farms, agriculture, aquaculture, houses, buildings, offices, companies, equipment, machinery, domestic animals and birds, own forests, vehicles, airplanes, ships etc. owned by him/her

26. Protection to water bodies like lakes, ponds, rivers, backwater and oceans

27. Protection to stadiums (excluding the ground), dams, bridges, high-rise buildings, iconic monumental structures, man-made satellites and satellite launchers/carriers

28. Protection to cities/nations/continents from all kinds of internal and external attacks including nuclear, chemical, biological weapon attacks, any missile attacks, mob violence etc

29. Guidance on economic prosperity for the individual/ firm/ organization/ association/ nation

30. Tantric exorcism from individuals, residential houses, commercial buildings, vacant lands etc

31. Resurrection treatment from death – making a dead person alive

32. To stop active volcanic eruptions

33. Ateendriya Charitra Chalachitra Leghyam – Ancient wireless communication system to capture precious past moments

34. Decoding extinct languages of ancient world: There are several hundreds of extinct languages in the world. Details of some of these extinct languages are available today. But no clue of many of these languages is still known by the anthropologists. Many valuable treasures of information are hidden in these extinct languages like their culture, traditions, customs, rulers, rules and regulations, ancient technologies on various fields, details of scientists of various fields, medicines, communication systems, educational systems, agriculture, punishments, law and order systems, social issues, social activities, details of animals – domestic and wild animals, natural calamities and how did they face it, etc. It may expose many invaluable data of the past thousands of years ago. It may throw light on many unknown history of mankind. This is possible to a considered extent if we are able to translate meanings of their languages, symbols, and other markings. Ateendriya Ancient Science can make remarkable inroads to almost all of these languages, provided if the inscriptions, symbols and other data are preserved properly.

Governments and other interested and authorized bodies/societies can contact M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises for decoding them. We are not interested to deal with unauthorized individuals in order to prevent misuse of such information. Hence it would be preferred if interested bodies forward their application through the respective government. Decoding charges vary from case to case.

35. Chikitsa marga dheep – Treatment consultation service to detect diseases in the body.

It would be difficult for many of you to comprehend this concept of invoking supernatural powers. Many of you may perceive it as mere superstition and unscientific etc. It is of course your individual choice to be in that state of mind. It is a general trend among people that whatever we don’t understand is classified as unscientific. Dear friends, please do understand that there are trillions of matters that are beyond the comprehensive level of human beings. Our intention is not to waste our precious time in worthless arguments and debates for convincing this category of people. Intelligent people among you may take positive advantage of the opportunities and start realizing that the so-called modern science is in its infant stage and most of its inventions bear fatal partial effects that are responsible for triggering disasters/eventualities as life-threatening challenges.

Our life on Earth is too precious and hence not to be wasted in worthless arguments and foolish decisions, to be a victim of fast approaching disasters. You are born as an independent individual. Do not allow yourself to be an intellectually bonded labor, where in you might have crippled your powerful imaginations, creativity, rational thinking and analytical abilities. It may be difficult for most of you to realize the current status of yourself. This is happening as a result of your wrong attitude towards the realities. This is happening as you have already pledged your individuality, personality and intelligence to some one’s selfish thoughts, ideas or action plans. Individuals belonging to this category can never do justice to themselves nor to their life. They are committing a grave breach of trust to their inner self under whose mercy they are existing. They are blind in spite of having good eyesight. They are deaf though no damage to sense of their hearing. Their panchendriyas are busy in doing the bonded labor. It is a very unfortunate status of self-declared slavery. People belonging to this category will never understand the power of Cosmic Energy and they will perish forever.