Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Science

Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Science is the most systematic and scientific approach to unfold the deep hidden treasures of knowledge that exists in the cosmic platform of the universe. It is present in the time-less and boundary-less eternal space. One can reach out to this most sought-after destination through the perfect coordination and concentration of body and mind.

Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Science is an educational system to enable us to derive scientific knowledge from cosmic intelligent energy to the physical intelligent energy. I wish to through some light on this philosophical content as it is essential to analyze and comprehend the subject matter in its right perspective. As you may be aware that the entire universe is moving based on the principle of Cosmic Energy. In order to understand this, we need to define the word “Energy”. Energy is nothing but a capacity to move. In other words, Energy is life. A person with zero movement externally and internally will be declared dead by the doctors. Here the doctor is absolutely right in arriving at this conclusion. As the body is having no physical energy left, no physical movement anywhere is possible. Here the doctor is evaluating the issue based on the principles of physical energy. The person is only physically dead in this physical form.

Since the person is physically dead, the body cannot be physically active or move. Conclusion of the above is that physical energy gained from physical substance is perishable and mortal. Now let us try to understand the source of this physical energy. Physical energy is gained or derived from other physical substances. In other words, we call that as food.

The logical conclusion of this matter is that, whatever we make, create using our senses, intelligence and knowledge are derived from the physical energy and hence it is perishable and mortal. This is the central cause of our trouble. Most of the innovations and advancements made by the science of today is handicapped with many dangerous partial effects. The advancement we have made in the field of medicine, engineering, agriculture, communication, power generation etc have become a threat to humanity due to its devastating partial effects. The pollution discharged from various energy production systems developed by the scientific community is a classic example for the same. The advancement made using the perishable intelligence and knowledge will bear the DNA of mortality and built-in self-destructive elements.

Cosmic Energy is present everywhere. It is present in micro and macro level in the air, water, fire, earth and space. It is immortal. It is present in every living being including human. Physical death or survival of a human has nothing to do with this Cosmic Energy. It means Cosmic Energy is present even in a dead body. Since the person is physically dead, the body disintegrates and takes different form or be a part of some other body of a living being. The Indian Vedic theory of “punarjanma” is based on this concept.

The modern science has already made some findings on the theory of atom and the presence of immense energy in every tiny particle of an atom. If this is the case, how can we say that a person is permanently dead in all respects? How can we say that no energy is left in a dead body? Hope that by now you have a fair knowledge of the source of physical energy and Cosmic Energy. Now we are entering into the core matter. Through systematic meditation, we can invoke Cosmic Energy present in our body, and with the help of this Cosmic Energy we can travel to various destinations of knowledge – “The immortal knowledge” which has zero negative partial effects, the knowledge that is supreme from time immemorial. My effort and intention are not to belittle, discard or disregard the importance of using the physical energy and intelligence. Our scientists, professionals and experts should not restrict themselves to the limited world of physical energy. They need to go beyond the boundaries of physical energy and experience the world of perfection, by entering into the world of Cosmic Energy.

I have highlighted the importance of activating Cosmic Energy within your-self. Now those who are interested to know further may be thinking how is it possible? Where should I start, do I have to follow certain religious practices to attain it? Like this, there could be many doubts in your mind. Many of you are in the wrong notion that spirituality is something that is exclusively marketed by some religious centers, as if they have taken whole-sale exclusive distribution right directly from God.

Dear friends, please get rid of these fundamentally wrong impressions. You follow and continue your religion, believes and practices as you wish. It has nothing to do with your external attire, your financial status, your religious belief, your gender, age, race or caste. It has nothing to do with your friends, family members, society, nationality etc. Everything is centered in yourself and only to yourself. It is 100% internal and not external. Now it is better that you do close your eyes and control your wandering mind, your thoughts and listen to your inner-self only. Each one of you should make an effort for a self-evaluation and start practicing to evoke Cosmic Energy in yourself.

Study of Ateendriya Ancient Tantric Science thus imparts scientific knowledge to travel from the material, physical, limited and mortal world to the unlimited, eternal, immortal, boundary-less, time-less, omnipotent, omnipresent and cosmic world and transport the required ultimate, fearless and powerful knowledge. Every elevated individual can make precious contributions for the betterment of the society, for the well-being of all the living creatures of the planet and for the protection of the Nature.

– By Ateendriya Ancient Science Scholar Acharai Shri Barat Venkit

Ateendriya Suraksha – an ultimate protection to man and machine

Ateendriya Suraksha is a “Tantric” device specially designed to protect the cyber world from all kinds of software crimes, manipulations or forgery using the most advanced and error-free ancient tantric scientific technology. Ancient tantric science is the most systematic and scientific approach to unfold the deep hidden treasure of knowledge that exists in the cosmic platform of the universe. It is present in the time-less and boundary-less eternal space. One can reach out to this most sought-after destination through the perfect coordination and concentration of body and mind. Ateendriya Suraksha therefore is the most powerful, hi-tech, error-free and unbreakable security system.

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Ateendriya Ancient Tantric act of resurrection treatment from death

  • A reality check of the modern treatment system and alarming statistics of death
  • Death does not become the saddest moment of life
  • About the resurrection treatment
  • Dead body that qualifies Ateendriya Ancient Tantric act of resurrection from death
  • Dead body that does not qualify for Ateendriya Ancient Tantric act of resurrection from death
  • What are the procedures to be followed after the resurrection of the body from death?

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GKAS – Protection for digital payments

  1. Ensuring protection of data of the digital transaction
  2. Ensuring to prevent all types of financial mis-appropriations with regard to the transaction
  3. Ensuring a hack-proof transaction
  4. Ensuring a fraud-proof transaction
  5. No one can misuse OTP, PIN or passwords even if it is exposed or revealed
  6. Protection from imposter (false identification or synthetic identity)
  7. Protection from all types of cyber-attacks during the transaction
  8. Protection from wrong/incorrect entries during the transaction

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Ateendriya Charitra Chalachitra Leghyam

  1. Video and audiography of any type of accidents occurred anywhere in the atmosphere, oceans, surface of Earth or under the Earth
  2. Video and audiography of events like smuggling, looting, theft, dacoit, violence, murdering happened in the recent past anywhere on Earth irrespective of the location. No object can block the penetrating eyes of Ateendriya invisible forces.
  3. All types of road accidents, air accidents, accidents in oceans and other water bodies
  4. All types of activities of satellites installed at the outer atmosphere
  5. This technology can be used to find out missing satellites in the space
  6. To find out any attacks, accidents etc happened on satellites
  7. To find out locations of missing objects/individuals
  8. To find out hidden places of terrorists, their place of stay and their stock of explosive devices and ammunitions
  9. To find out explosive devices planted at strategic points by terrorists for the purpose of destruction
  10. To find out the real causes of forest fire
  11. To find out the photograph and location of computer hackers and their locations
  12. To find out spies working against the country their locations and photographs
  13. To carry out researches on planets in the solar planetary systems
  14. To carry out researches on the entire planets in the planetary system of the universe
  15. To find out locations of deposits of Natural resources of gold, silver, copper and aluminium
  16. To find out location of deposits of Natural resources of minerals, metals and other precious things within a depth of 100 ft. from sea level
  17. To find out areas of intense pressure developing deep down inside Earth. This will help us to accurately predict possibilities of volcanic eruption, earthquakes etc

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