Developing micro home-ground forest

It is perhaps the most easiest way to own a mini forest and reap tremendous benefits. Owning a forest, small or big is like owning a precious and invaluable treasure. It is like having 24 hrs oxygen supplying tank with you. This will put an end to your borrowing oxygen from the Nature for your survival and survival of many generations of your family. A fully developed forest would be the best gift you can ever give to your loved ones than giving a luxurious house or a big bank balance.


  1. Minimum land requirement :- 700 sq. ft.
  2. You can plant a minimum of 65 saplings in the land area and make a thick forest.
  3. Location of the forest :- Anywhere adjacent to your residential house except in the southern direction.
  4. Protect the area with a compound wall or with a fence.
  5. Plant all possible varieties of long-life tree saplings. Avoid saplings grown using budding, grafting or tissue culture technologies etc. You can include fruit bearing trees, fragrance producing trees, frost resistant trees, fire resistant trees, water resistant trees, trees with colorful flowers, deep rooted trees, non deep rooted trees etc.
  6. Planting to be done by the owner only. Refer Procedure for planting
  7. Plant preferably in the rainy season or you need to have irrigation facility.
  8. Plant saplings keeping a distance of 2.5 ft in straight lines.
  9. The forest is to be respected and the place is to be considered as a temple/prayer centre.
  10. Avoid discussions or loud utterances inside the forest. Preferably maintain silence in the premises.
  11. Avoid smoking, eating non-veg inside the forest.
  12. Strictly avoid throwing or dumping any kind of waste inside the forest.
  13. Strictly avoid spitting, urinating in the forest even by kids.
  14. You can do physical exercise, walking, yoga practices, meditation, reading etc in the forest.
  15. Avoid plucking fruits from the trees. However, you can collect fallen down fruits and consume.


  1. The house attached to the forest and owned by the owner will have no Vasthu-dosha.
  2. The owner will not be affected by skin diseases.
  3. Kids/students/youngsters residing in the house will have better grasping power and can excel in their studies.
  4. Professionals residing in the house will be able to perform well in their careers.
  5. People staying in the residence will have better health and peace of mind.
  6. People residing in the house will get relief from mental illness.