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1. A manuscript of immortal knowledge

2. Highlights of the book “Radiation of multiple internal and external forces in you”

3. Synopsis of the book “Radiation of multiple internal and external forces in you”

4. Where can I buy a copy of this book?

A manuscript of immortal knowledge

Highlights of the book “Radiation of multiple internal and external forces in you” (A manuscript of immortal precious knowledge)

1.   Defining “The Motherhood and The Eternal Motherhood”

2.   Defining “The Fatherhood and The Eternal Fatherhood”

3.   Defining “The Acharaihood and The Eternal Acharaihood”

4.   Defining “The God”

5.   Imparting the finest knowledge about Atma, Cosmic Energy and The Mind

6.   Concept of “Punerjanma”

7.   Guidelines for selecting your ideal partner

8.   Guidelines to give birth to a spiritually elevated child

9.   Track record of your Atma

10.The exit of the Mind from the body

11.Warning of the Atma is reflected in the body for immediate intensive corrective action to avoid premature exit, in other words premature death

12.Predictions of three major Natural calamities and its scientific explanations

13.Beware of fraud spiritual leaders

14.Location of Atma in the body

15.Decoding the built-in knowledge in your Atma

16.Assets and liabilities of your life

17.Dangerous consequences of artificial insemination

18.Dangerous partial effects of vaccinations

19.The act of self-protection

20.Use and misuse of imaginative power

21.Magnetic charge in the body Vs Gravitational force of the Earth

22.Significance of idol worshipping

23.Significance of performing your destined action

Other subjects covered in the book:

1.   Spirituality

2.   Astronomy

3.   Astro-physics

4.   Nutritional science

5.   Anatomy

6.   Geography and galaxies

7.   Herbal science

8.   Astrology

9.   Vasthu-shastra


11.Environmental science

12.Philosophy and theology

 And many more..

Synopsis of the book

Where can I buy a copy of this book?

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