GKAS – Protection for digital payments

Introducing a world of safe digital payment system – 100% protection from cyber-crimes, hacking, fraud and free from all possible cyber security threats

There are several reputed digital payment systems with proven track record. Most of them offer efficient, quick and economical digital cash-free services in the digital financial sector. They include:

  1. Debit cards
  2. Credit cards
  3. UPI
  4. Internet banking services
  5. Wallets
  6. Gift cards
  7. QR/Scan code
  8. IMPS
  9. RTGS
  10. NEFT
  11. AEPS
  12. Mobile wallet
  13. Mobile banking etc.

Very efficient banking systems also make the whole transaction in lightning speed. Unfortunately, the entire system of this digital world is increasingly challenged and over-shadowed by the forces of cyber-crimes. All these cash-less methods of transactions are highly vulnerable to cyber security threats, compromising the basic requirement of safety and security of transaction though it is very convenient and quick.

To highlight some of the risks involved in the digital payment system are:

  1. Exposed to hacking at every point of transaction
  2. Privacy of the transaction is not guaranteed
  3. Not immune to risk of fraud
  4. No protocol to establish the identity of the person authorizing the payment. No fool-proof in determining the identity of the person. No identity verification system such as bio-metric, facial recognition, fingerprint etc. Anyone can misuse card, e-wallets belonging to someone else and get away with it.
  5. Stealing of consumer data and gaining access to the accounts 

Rise of the growing threat of cyber frauds due to digital payments:

There has been an exponential increase in digital payment frauds, owing to the increased adoption of this technology. Digitalization saw a huge spike as most of the people preferred this channel for online shopping/payments. Since a large number of people are going digital, fraudsters are using innovative ways to duke vulnerable consumers. Many consumers are falling prey to these scams, loosing their hard-earned money. Losses exceeds globally over USD 48 billion during this year alone.

Cyber-crimes like phishing, malware, OTP frauds, fake UPI links, and several others are witnessing a surge challenging all firewall systems. GKAS will uproot all these all over the world, making an end to all cyber-crimes. Digital world will become spotlessly clean and clear henceforth with the induction of GKAS. Not even a single cyber fraud will take place in the digital world after the induction of GKAS. No one else is capable to make such bold claims. GKAS will establish protection nothing less than 100% and beyond. New security features of GKAS will take the digital world into a new horizon.

Gurukripa Ateendriya Suraksha (GKAS) will protect and resolve all your concerns, ensuring a smooth tension-free, hack-free, safe digital transaction.

Some of the highlights of this unique protection system “GKAS – Protection for digital payments”:

  1. Ensuring protection of data of the digital transaction
  2. Ensuring to prevent all types of financial mis-appropriations with regard to the transaction
  3. Ensuring a hack-proof transaction
  4. Ensuring a fraud-proof transaction
  5. No one can misuse OTP, PIN or passwords even if it is exposed or revealed
  6. Protection from imposter (false identification or synthetic identity)
  7. Protection from all types of cyber-attacks during the transaction
  8. Protection from wrong/incorrect entries during the transaction

Other advantages:

  1. Very economical. No fixed sum required; fee against transaction only
  2. No advance fee/security deposit
  3. No maintenance charges
  4. No recurring cost
  5. INR accepted from Indian customers towards fee
  6. Uninterrupted protection 24×7
  7. Safety and protection even during power failure
  8. Protection from intentional or unintentional clerical mistake
  9. No one can misuse the system even by mistake
  10. No installation of any device required in any of your systems. It is 100% remote-controlled system. All you need to do is to enter into an agreement with us on the transaction fee.
  11. No extra processing time required.
  12. Ensuring protection on every individual transaction from the very beginning to the end of the transaction even if the transaction undergoes multiple procedures/gateways/organizations/apps/software. 

Safety device and systems of GKAS:

The computer used for making digital payments should be fitted with an electronic battery-operated warning bell. This alarm device will automatically get activated, giving indication sound in case of any abnormality, any type of security threat, intentional/unintentional fraud etc and blocks the transaction. No body need to operate this electronic warning bell. It will function on its own. However, the bell should be positioned somewhere near the system processing the digital payment at GKAS subscriber’s end. The computer/system will cease to work if the system operator ignores the warning alarm or intentionally tries to trespass the warning and proceed with the transaction. The system will get locked if the operator tries to make an intentional mistake or fraudulent transaction. In the eventuality of system getting locked, the computer will cease to take or execute any further command unless and until the owner of the organization comes personally and types “Okay” in the system personally with his/her own hands. The system will not accept if “Okay” is typed by somebody else. In case of large organizations, the owner can depute an official to represent him to act on his behalf, provided the authorized individual is registered with GKAS.

Meaning of “Intentional mistake”:

Intentional mistake by the operator ignoring the alarm bell is a serious criminal offense. It is a fraudulent criminal action. It can reverse the progress and question the very existence of the organization itself. People who commit such offenses must be immediately singled out, taken to task and investigate the details of that transaction. This is the responsibility of the owner of the organization. GKAS will expose such miscreants right from the beginning of the transaction.

Meaning of owner of the organization:

  1. Managing director
  2. President
  3. Chairman
  4. CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  5. Executive director
  6. Managing trustee (in case of a trust)
  7. Proprietor
  8. Share holder having more than 50% of the company’s shares

In case of more than designated officials in an organization, both of them are entitled to unlock the system.

Identification of exact problematic transaction in case of bulk payment clearing system:

Though digital payment clearing system works in high speed, it is done individually and transaction-wise. You can therefore pause the payment clearing system immediately once the warning alarm bell rings. The payment clearing system can be repeated until you find the exact Transaction ID. The warning bell will be repeated until you arrive at the problematic transaction.

Who are the direct beneficiaries of GKAS:

  1. Anyone making digital transaction.
  2. Banks dealing with debit cards, credit cards, UPI, internet banking services, wallets, gift cards, IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, AEPS, mobile wallet, mobile banking etc.
  3. Financial institutions dealing in payment gateways.
  4. Money exchange dealers.
  5. Merchants having digital online transactions accepting digital payments.
  6. Service providers of electricity, water, gas and other utility services accepting online payments.
  7. Schools, hospitals, retail and wholesale shops.
  8. Clubs, associations.
  9. Small, medium and large-scale industries.
  10. Export and import companies.
  11. Manufacturers of goods.
  12. Travellers/tourism.
  13. Hotels, restaurants and resorts.
  14. All types of medias (print, visual, voice, social media, entertainment industry etc.)
  15. Share markets and share brokers.
  16. Private, public and government sectors.
  17. Treasuries.
  18. ATM centres.
  19. Food market (food grains, vegetables, fish, meat etc. wholesale and retails).
  20. Agriculturists.
  21. Aqua culturists.
  22. Trade professionals.
  23. Commission agents.
  24. Goods carriers/couriers/shipping industries.
  25. Real estate, housing industries.
  26. Pilgrim centres/religious institutions.
  27. All those who want to have a safe and fraud-free, hack-free cash-less transactions.

This service is made available internationally. Fee for availing GKAS does not vary based on transaction volume or location. It is same irrespective of amount even if for high volume transactions. GKAS will henceforth make all digital transactions spot-less, transparent and above all the most safest and fastest digital world.

For availing this service send an email to [email protected].

What is to be done to induct and establish GKAS in your digital payment system?

  1. Register your company for GKAS subscription. Send an email for registration.
  2. Execution of an agreement between M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises and your organization for installing GKAS. (Agreement format will be provided)
  3. GKAS Subscriber ID will be allotted to registered subscribers
  4. GKAS protection will be inducted in all your digital payments with effect from the date and time of agreement execution. For availing GKAS protection for your digital payments, the following particulars need to be sent to us instantly along with every individual digital payment at the beginning.
    • GKAS Subscriber ID
    • Transaction reference number
    • Date and time of the transaction in IST
    • Name of the nation originating the digital payment
    • Payment amount
    • Payment confirmation screenshot of the protection fee remitted to M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises against the above-mentioned transaction


  1. GKAS protection will not be covered in case of violation of any of the above procedures.
  2. Transaction fee to be remitted instantly along with the digital transaction to our official bank account provided to you.
  3. Advance payment towards transaction fee without prior agreement will not be accepted.
  4. Delayed payment of transaction fee will have no protection of GKAS.
  5. Individual remittance required for every individual transaction.
  6. Refund will not be made once the amount is remitted to M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises towards GKAS.