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Training programs conducted by Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre:

    1) Special life-saving training to escape from dangerous, unexpected and critical moments of life

    2) Specialized training on chosen subjects

        a) Short-term course

        b) Advanced course

Application forms:

    1) Application form for the organizers to organize the training programs

    2) Application form for applying for specialized training program

Training programs conducted by Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre

The training is focused on two aspects:

1.   Special life-saving training to escape from dangerous, unexpected and critical moments of life

Many of you often ignore the fact that human life frequently undergoes through highly unexpected and critical moments. We may confront these moments during our day-to-day life while performing our official or personal duties and obligations. It can also happen even while we are taking rest in a highly guarded secured system. It can occur in the form of fatal diseases, various forms of accidents, natural calamities, violent mob attacks, attacks from violent animals or even by a terrorist attack. Most often it would be beyond the control to prevent or overcome such attacks. Some luckily make a narrow escape and come out unhurt. Some may sustain severe injury and for some it would be fatal leading to unfortunate loss of life.

Life these days is filled with unexpected uncertainties. We live in a society crowded with corrupted people, with many looters, hackers, criminals, drug addicts who have no control on their action, mentally insane or depressed people, radicalized individuals, religious fanatics, cast, race hatreds and discriminators etc. Innocent people are getting targeted and victimized. Human elements and virtues in human beings have become a rarest commodity. It is an unfortunate fact that we cannot afford to be genuine and live in this corrupted society.

Danger may therefore emerge and bounce upon you at any time or any place. No one can predict what will happen next moment. At this juncture we need to take certain precautions so that we are able to protect our precious lives from such unscrupulous individuals or incidents. We must learn to overcome or defend ourselves successfully both mentally and physically.

Our training programs are workshops focused to empower you mentally and intellectually and equip yourselves to forecast all challenges in advance and take sufficient precautions to confront them successfully. You may be, as a trained person, able to save yourselves and many others along with you.

The duration of this training workshop is 3 hrs. Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre conducts and coordinates these activities in association with the local sponsors of the event. Special life-saving training session must have a minimum registered attendance of not less than 50000 members at a time. Organizers are supposed to ensure the same.

Interested organizers can submit the below form for organizing training programs

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2.   Specialized training on chosen subjects

It is an expedition to explore in-depth immortal knowledge on the selected subject. You therefore need to have the same attitude of a mountaineering explorer. Acquiring knowledge from the Cosmic platform will make you an Acharai of the rarest breed. Your physical, intellectual creations thereafter based on this knowledge will make you immortal and the entire society will get the benefit of your creations for generations. This will give you an everlasting satisfaction and fulfillment far beyond any material or temporary enjoyment. You will be able to thus accomplish the very purpose of your life on the planet Earth.

Specialized training courses are focused to improve the efficiency level of the professionals and acquire extra skill development in their chosen subject. For an example, a pilot loosing mental stability or falls in sudden mental blackout on board may end up in disastrous accident risking everyone in the aircraft, if he or she is unable to recover the mental balance or the lost memory within seconds. Hence special focused training is required in each category of professionals. Those who are interested to upgrade and sharpen their skills and knowledge to excel in their selected subject can contact us. It is initially restricted to post-graduates, experienced professionals in their respective chosen subject. Preference will be given to universities, associations, entrepreneurs or group of individuals etc. Submit your application for enrolling into Specialized training on below chosen subjects.

Special skill development training courses will be conducted on the following subjects:

  1.  Political Science
  2. Medical Science
  3. Environmental Science
  4. Academics
  5. Science of Agriculture
  6. Social Science
  7. Psychology
  8. Astronomical Science
  9. Skill development of any professional area
  10. Music
  11. Forestation
  12. Administration
  13. Theology
  14. Computer Science
  15. Spirituality
  16. Electrical Science
  17. Electronics
  18. Oceanography
  19. Philosophy
  20. Nutritional Science
  21. Biological Science
  22. Physiology
  23. Archaeology
  24. Science of Architecture
  25. Vastu shastra
  26. Training on Management advisory on the following subjects:
    • To control and prevent forest fire
    • To increase agricultural productivity
    • Introducing natural pest control system avoiding chemical poisonous pesticides
    • Professional management of agro-based products, preservation, and utilization creating a win-win situation for the farmers and consumers
    • To reform and streamline the academic educational system focusing on individual’s inborn skill development for students and fine-tuning the teaching skill for the faculty members
    •  Forestation
    •  Development without harming the Nature – Nature-friendly construction
    • Management advisory support on radical change in the medical industry, construction industry, automobile industry, transportation industry etc
    • Technological support to find alternatives to existing hazardous materials
  27. Special training for pilots to maintain mental stability while experiencing intensive gravitational pull without losing control of the operations

Types of specialized training courses on the above chosen subject:

  1. Short-term course
  2. Advanced course

Duration of the preliminary short-term course of the selected subject is of 2 hrs per day for 5 days. Selected people will be permitted to join thereafter in the advanced intensive course on the subject. The participant must be post-graduate or scientist or research student or professional etc. They should have the attitude to learn and acquire extra-ordinary knowledge on the selected subject. Admission to be restricted to a batch consisting of 50 individuals only.

Proposals invited from reputed universities, governments, head of departments, organizations, institutions, scientific communities, political entities, association of doctors, teachers, researchers, farmers, environmentalists, religious groups etc. We shall address and try to resolve issues, problems, difficulties you have or you are experiencing in your day-to-day activities as stumbling blocks to your progress, provided it does not directly or indirectly cause any damage or harm to the eco-system of the Nature and the society. We shall avoid all matters that are not legal or against the law of the land. We shall also avoid issues that may hurt the feelings and beliefs of the society.

Submit the below form to apply for specialized training program

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