Your path of attaining elevation

Attaining spiritual elevation is a must to become successful in any profession and development of God-given talents. A person without elevation cannot make sustainable growth in the area of his business or profession. Most of the economically rich people today are developing their business harming the Nature. Their growth in their profession/business will not be sustainable. Their fall is inevitable and will happen any time. You need not be a sanyasi, a priest, a renunciant nor byheart religious texts. You can devote your entire attention on your business or profession and keep developing all your inherent God-given talents.

The actual meaning of spirituality is knowing the spirit that is in you and not byhearting any verses. Here the spirit is your internal energy that keeps you alive. Many of the people are unaware of this simple logic. Some vested interested people are intentionally making it very complex to establish their prominence and to exploit the ignorance of people. You can attain spiritual elevation in the most simplest way. This guideline is incorporated here to make you understand this simple method which will give you rich dividends spiritually, mentally, intellectually and physically.

Below are the guidelines:

  1. Planting and maintaining 1000 saplings of long-life trees purifies you from the committed sins of present life.
  2. Planting and maintaining 10,000 saplings of long-life trees will make you detached from all existing and previous sinful lives, and get freedom from all its liabilities and attachments.
  3. Planting and maintaining 50,000 saplings of long-life trees gives you Ateendriya knowledge in addition to benefits mentioned above.
  4. Planting and maintaining 1,00,000 or above saplings of long-life trees will make you eligible to get the status of elevation and get entry to the boundary-less and time-less world of abundant knowledge in addition to the benefits mentioned above.

Regarding people who are interested to plant and maintain on their own, refer Procedure for planting.

As a businessman or a professional, you may not have sufficient time for planting and maintaining these many saplings of long-life trees. Considering the practical difficulties, M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises has introduced a scheme for people like you.

Scheme details:

INR 11,000/- per tree can be remitted to M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises for availing the above benefits.