Ateendriya Ancient Engineering Science

Ancient is not primitive:

Ancient does not necessarily mean that it is primitive. On the contrary, the more ancient we go, the more sophisticated would be the technological superiority and perfection.

Building technology of the past and the present:

We can see many examples to substantiate the claim of ancient technological superiority in the construction sector. Let us have a close look at the ancient building technology and compare with the modern building technology of today. The life span of a modern concrete building would be less than 100 years. Whereas, we find several ancient monuments and constructions aging over 1000 years with fascinating architectural perfection and aesthetic master pieces. They have survived the test of the time. Several huge tall temples and structures in India belong to this category. Modern architects, building engineering scientists can only helplessly be a mere bewildered spectator in front of these living undeniable realities. No one can dare to ask more scientific reasons and proofs to accept it.

The most modern ancient solar powered aircraft:

You might have learnt about a solar powered aircraft used by the emperor of the ancient Lanka by name Ravana. It is described in the epic Ramayana written by Maharshi Valmiki. This aircraft could carry many people and could undertake inter-continental and inter-planetary trips. The aircraft was efficient to take off and land anywhere without having any runway. The aircraft’s speed was far ahead of the speed of sound. Some of you may think that it is an imaginative story and does not have any scientific evidence. Dear friends, even if one agrees for the sake of argument that it is a mere imaginative story, the reality is that there were brilliant people existed thousands of centuries ago with fine sophisticated power of imagination. Moreover, our modern science is not matured enough to dig out and explore evidence of past civilization beyond a limited period. It may be noted that no one can imagine something from nothing.

It would be appropriate to believe that many ultra-modern civilizations might have had existed, survived and gone in the past. They must have lived on Earth with highly advanced standard of living than our present so-called modern civilization which is less than just 200 years of history. They could do it without exploiting the precious resources of the Nature, whereas we have almost destroyed the Nature completely with our so-called civilization.

Acquire knowledge from the Cosmic space:

Ancient Engineering Science is not based on an excavation of what happened in the past. It is an earnest effort to propel ourselves to the Cosmic destination where we can find abundance of perfect, error-free knowledge of any subject of your choice and wish. Our learned ancestors and great ancient masters of the past could achieve this. They adopted Ancient Tantric Scientific technology to accomplish the task. They could amass the wealth of precious knowledge on numerous subjects and brought them to the planet Earth.

Life-saving Engineering projects of Gurukripa Enterprises:

All our life-saving engineering projects have been derived from this Cosmic source of knowledge. Hence you will find them as the most advanced, sophisticated, error-free and 100% eco-friendly with zero air, water and soil pollution. These projects are focused directly or indirectly on cleaning up the Nature from the horrible human-made pollution on Earth.

Beware of Nature’s warning:

If we continue to proceed with the same reckless and irresponsible lifestyle, extinction of human race from planet Earth is not far away. The Holy Nature gives us many warnings in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, extreme climatic conditions and pandemics etc so that we take a “u”-turn from further polluting civilization. Implementation of these ancient engineering projects gives us a ray of hope that may be capable to prevent the most and fast approaching inevitable catastrophe.

– By Ateendriya Ancient Science Scholar Acharai Shri Barat Venkit.

Ateendriya Ancient Scientific Engineering Projects from the house of Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre