Pancha Bhooth Power Generator

“Uninterrupted power from Pancha Bhooth”

Pancha Bhooth Power Generator is your final answer for a portable, abundant, uninterrupted power generation. It is 100% pollution free and more economical than any of the present energy generating technology. Power generating units can be made suitable for individual residences, housing colonies, apartments, small and large-scale industries etc. It is user-friendly and can be operated just like any other household gadget. You cannot afford to resist from installing Pancha Bhooth Power Generator at home, office, shops, factories etc, thanks to its extreme advantages, convenience, portability and affordability. Pancha Bhooth power generator generates power as and when you need and as much as you need. It does not require any kind of fossil fuel to generate electricity. It is a hard reality and not a fiction. It is a powerful truth and not a myth. It is not a fascinating imagination, but a glorious hi-tech cutting-edge technology.

Highlights of Pancha Bhooth Power Generator

  1. 100% eco-friendly. No air, water or soil pollution is created while generating electricity from Pancha Bhooth Power Generator. Instead it purifies the polluted air in and around the equipment.
  2. No fossil fuel is required. No recharging is required. No hydro power, no solar energy, no wind energy nor any other exploitation of Natural resources is required for electricity generation from Pancha Bhooth Power Generator. The power is generated using five elements of the Nature. That is why it is known as Pancha Bhooth Power Generator
  3. Nil waste generated from the equipment
  4. Very economical. Cost of electricity @ less than USD 3 per 100 units can be made available
  5. User-friendly, portable equipment. Electricity generation is made possible even at the remotest and uninhabited place. Can be made available in various capacities – small, medium and large sizes including nano size, depending on the requirement of the consumers.
  6. Space requirement for a residential unit – 6 sq. ft. approximately. Nano unit is the size of a briefcase
  7. Un-interrupted power supply for mega industries even to the extent of an unbelievable 7 Mega Watt per hour from a single generator.
  8. No transmission loss of energy
  9. In addition to power generation, Pancha Bhooth Power Generator can also hold the unutilized generated power up to 9 hours. However, the power can be transferred to other storing systems for storing for longer duration if required.
  10. 100% safe
  11. No external infrastructure is required like cable, transformer, power booster etc
  12. Durability of the machine – The central unit of the machine will serve life-long for generations

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Proposal solicited from corporate houses having inter-continental infrastructure or governments to implement the project.

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