Ateendriya Ancient Radiation Science

This is an ultra-modern ancient treatment system to lead a disease-free life and to revitalize the body and the mind, enabling us to achieve and fine-tune physical and mental sharpness, agility and fitness. The patient gets 100% cure from all the existing diseases with the radiation therapy. It is done with the help of natural light emitting from the Sun and the Moon. The light passing through certain powerful media is rediverted to focus on the patient’s especially the affected part of the body. The intensity of the radiation can be regulated depending on the age of the patient, affected area of the patient and condition of the disease.

This highly sophisticated ancient treatment method has zero negative partial effects and can be given to a new born baby for the rectification of deficiencies. 100% recovery is possible even if the patient is suffering from multiple complications of organ failure and having nil hope of survival as per the modern medical treatment systems. This treatment system imparts 100% cure for people suffering from all types of mental depressions and even for people suffering from extreme neurotic disorder.

The ancient radiation treatment system is thus the ultimate and supreme treatment method to fine-tune and re-calibrate our physical, mental and intellectual capabilities keeping as always disease-free, young and energetic.

Detailed proposal can be prepared and given to interested corporate houses, Governments or other international governing bodies.

– By Ateendriya Ancient Scholar Acharai Shri Barat Venkit.