Ateendriya Ancient Scientific Instant Organic Waste Treatment Plant

“A commitment of pollution-free world”

It is a fact that mega cities, metropolitan cities, urban townships across the world are presently unable to achieve the minimum cleanliness level due to the present inferior waste management system and high density of population. Production of organic food waste alone is over 5 million tons per day in the world. It is estimated that an average of 3 kg of waste is produced by a human per day. This status shows the magnitude of the problem. Most of our cities are flooded with garbage and the authorities often find themselves in a helpless situation.

Our present waste treatment system is very inefficient to process such a huge volume on a day-to-day basis. Accumulation of organic waste thus becomes a perpetual problem of our small and large cities, townships and even the villages. The air is polluted, the water is polluted and the soil is polluted. Fresh and unpolluted air, water and soil have become rare commodities, especially in cities.

The spread of fatal diseases is taking lives of thousands of people on a daily basis. Hospitals are flooded with patients especially in monsoon seasons. New pandemics emerge and swallow millions of lives. Millions of crores are being spent for health management programs. We construct hospitals with multi-speciality facilities at every nook and corner of the world. The very purpose of all these become futile if we do not have fresh unpolluted air to breathe, water to drink and soil to cultivate.

The issue is so intense and gone out of our control in several parts of the world. Tourists run away from such polluted locations due to high degree of pollution level. Global business corporates opt for better locations to make their investments. We must take corrective actions immediately before the nation starves of tourists and fresh investments. Ateendriya Ancient Scientific Instant Organic Waste Treatment technology from the house of Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre is capable and committed to take up this challenge, ensuring a spotlessly clean country at a very economical price. With the implementation of this project, the nation will very soon become the cleanest country on Earth, far ahead of even the most modern developed nation. The project has got the potential to cover the entire world. The technology we use in Ateendriya Ancient Scientific Instant Organic Waste Treatment Plant is far superior to any of the existing technologies. It is 100% eco-friendly and economical. Ateendriya Ancient Scientific Instant Organic Waste Treatment is thus focused to penetrate every nook and corner of the world. The project can give job opportunity to a large section of the unemployed youth. I would therefore invite you to go through this state-of-the-art project, addressing and solving multilevel social and environmental issues of today.

Highlights of Ateendriya Ancient Scientific Instant Organic Waste Treatment Plant from the house of Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre:

1) It is an instant processing system

As the name indicates, the process is instant. The process commences immediately after loading the waste into the plant. Immediately means the collected waste must be unloaded directly into the treatment platform and the process starts automatically. Not even a drop of untreated waste is allowed to remain anywhere in the premises. Most advanced, hi-tech, scientific technology is used in the treatment plant. This technology is far superior to any other existing waste treatment system in the world today.

2) Neat, clean, hygienic and the safest state-of-the-art plant with zero air, water, soil, sound, and radiation pollution

Thanks to the technological advantage, we can guarantee that the treatment plant is free from all kinds of pollution. No air pollution, no water pollution, no soil pollution, no sound pollution, and no radiation pollution in and around the plant. The plant will be having a pleasant atmosphere all around. Workers and employees of the plants, and the people residing in the neighbourhood will have a better and purified atmosphere, compared to other locations. Everything in the plant would be systematically organized. It is truly beyond the world’s highest degree of sanitation standard. Neighbouring people living around the processing plant will not be affected in any manner. Instead, they will gain better resistance power, better physical strength and stamina. It is therefore advisable to have sports related activities, and training and educational institutions around the plant and in nearby areas.

3) No foul smell inside or outside the plant

In and around atmosphere of Ateendriya Ancient Scientific Instant Organic Waste Treatment Plant will have mild fragrance, stimulating the vitality of people around.

4) 100% eco-friendly

The treatment system has been designed in such a way that it is 100% environment-friendly. No harmful elements/chemicals are used in treating the organic waste. No harmful by-product is created while treating the organic waste. There is completely zero air, water, soil, sound and radiation pollution

5) 45 tonnes of organic waste treated in a treatment plant per day

The plant is capable to treat 45 tonnes of organic waste in 24 hrs. Depending on the volume of the waste generated in an area/locality, proportionate number of plants can be installed. However, installation of one plant for a block of 1.5 lakh residents is recommended. A township having a population of 5 lakhs may therefore require about 5 plants to take care of 100% of the organic waste generated per day in the domestic sector. This is excluding the waste produced in the industrial sector. Special survey to be conducted to quantify industrial organic waste and earmark the location of the nearest treatment plant.

6) Most economical organic waste treatment system

Less than INR 2500 is the estimated expense incurred to treat 1 ton of organic waste. Keeping such a high and above the international sanitation standard, this recurring expense is negligible. The plant can recover this recurring expense and earn much more by selling the by-products from the plant as organic manure and cattle feed.

7) Most attractive and superb utility by-products from the treatment plant

The primary by-product of the treated organic stuff is highly nutritious cattle feed. This also can be fed to 2 legged, 4 legged animals/ birds, fish etc. This cattle feed will enhance the resistance power of the animals and protect them from common diseases like respiratory diseases, blackleg, rheumatism, viral diarrhoea etc. The cattle feed will ensure high growth and high yield. It can revolutionize the live-stock sector, boosting their income level many-fold. Live-stock farmers today are spending on an average INR 15-20 per kg of cattle feed. The government/ operating company of the treatment plant can sell this highly nutritious cattle feed, which is a by-product from our organic plant, even free of cost or may charge a nominal amount of less than INR 10 per kg inclusive of packing and handling expenses. This will generate additional revenue to meet the recurring operating cost of the treatment plant. Large quantity of superb nutritious cattle feed being produced across the country is a game changer in this industry. A plant with a capacity of 45 tonnes per day will generate cattle feed of more than 10 tonnes in 24 hrs. This means income from cattle feed alone will be INR 1 lakh per day if the MRP of the cattle feed is decided at INR 10 per kg. Income generated from the second by-product is extra.

Organic manure is the second by-product of the plant. This instantly generated organic by-product manure from the plant is rich in magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, sulphur etc that are required for the soil to become fertile. The plants grown with this manure will have better immunity and resistance.

8) Machinery cost of the plant

An amount of INR 5 crores is the estimated cost of the machinery per plant. All the technical specifications and necessary guidance will be given to run the treatment plant.

9) Job opportunity

Over 22 lakh individuals could be employed under the categories of unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and professionals etc in India

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