Ateendriya Instant Sewage Water Purification System

“Water water everywhere, not a trace of sewage anywhere”

Water scarcity is one of the most serious causes of concern faced by humanity today. Ground water level is getting deeper year after year. In some places it has gone below the human’s and machine’s reach. Available water sources are getting highly polluted due to our careless life style. Insufficient and untimely rain intensifies the crisis. Density of population in urban areas makes it very difficult for the authorities to manage the daily minimum water requirement. Multiple steps are to be taken to resolve the crisis. Effective water management by minimizing wastage is one of the corrective steps in right direction.

Our Ateendriya Instant Sewage Water Purification System can resolve this crisis. It is an instant purifier. It is ideally suitable for individual houses, apartments, hotels, industries, and municipalities etc. The purifier removes physical, chemical and microbiological impurities from the sewage water and makes it 100% pure and safe. It is very economical. The purifier can purify 2000 liters of water at a maximum expense of USD 1. This technology can save billions of people suffering from water scarcity.

Highlights of Ateendriya Instant Sewage Water Purification System from the house of Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre

  1. Most economical water purification technology. Just USD 1 per 2000 litres is the purification cost
  2. Most modern technology used to purify sewage water. Removes physical, chemical and micro biological impurities and makes it 100% pure and safe.
  3. It is an instant purifier
  4. Ideally suitable for individual houses, residential apartments, hotels, industries and municipalities/corporations etc
  5. Prevents spreading of dreaded diseases by purifying sewage water, ensuring clean and disease-free society
  6. The purified water is of superior quality than the drinking water presently supplied by the government water authority
  7. Very useful and helpful to overcome water scarcity especially in urban areas
  8. The treated water can be used for bathing, washing, toilet use, cleaning vessels and 95% of all household purposes
  9. 100% eco-friendly. No chemicals or radiation or hazardous elements used for purification
  10. Very lucrative venture

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Proposal solicited from corporate houses having inter-continental infrastructure or governments to implement the project.

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