Nature Plastic

“A new era of harmless world of Nature Plastic”

Plastic has become an unavoidable commodity of the modern world. Our over-dependence on plastic has given birth to many complications and is the major reason responsible for soil, air and water pollution at dangerously alarming proportions. Millions of tons of plastic waste are dumped on soil and water sources resulting in suffocating the eco-system of the Nature on a daily basis. Poisonous smoke emitting from plastic burning creates irreparable damage to the atmosphere, endangering all living creatures on Earth. Without introducing a better substitute for plastic, it may not be possible to make an international ban on plastic. The invention of Nature plastic has been originated from this need of today.

Highlights of Nature Plastic

Nature plastic is made of 100% natural substance. It is 100% bio-degradable and is better quality than the present food grade plastic. It can be utilized for all the purposes/commodities presently made of plastic. Nature plastic is 100% eco-friendly and emits oxygen while burning.

Multiple utilization of Nature Plastic

  1. Manufacturing of various commodities for consumer products
  2. Manufacturing of Medical equipment and apparatus
  3. Manufacturing of various automobile parts.
  4. For electrical equipment
  5. For electronic equipment
  6. Equipment for construction industry
  7. Equipment for agriculture industry
  8. Equipment for plumping industry
  9. Equipment for the sports industry
  10.  Large scale utility in the textile Industry
  11. Equipment to protect from ultra violet radiation.
  12. Multiple utility in the shipping industry
  13. Multiple utility in the airways industry.
  14. Multiple utility in the IT and communication industry
  15. Multiple application in the food packaging industry
  16. An effective substitutive for paper.  Nature plastic can be used even for printing currency notes, other valuable documents and stamp papers etc.,
  17. Multiple application in toys industry etc

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Proposal solicited from corporate houses having inter-continental infrastructure or governments to implement the project.

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