Rubber Concrete

“Rubber Concrete is set to replace Cement Concrete”

Rubber concrete using natural rubber will replace cement concrete, that too with just 30% of the cost of cement concrete.

Use and misuse of cement are creating heavy environmental damage. It is contributing to intense global warming process apart from the excessive exploitation of natural resources. Rubber concrete will make a sea of change in the building and construction industry. Introduction of this technology will help rubber farmers all over the world and the environment.

Highlights of Rubber Concrete:

Particulars Advantages
Durability Lifelong (will remain in good condition without damage for centuries)
Cost including labor USD 1.34 per sq. ft. approximately
Fragility Unbreakable
Reusability Can be cut, remolded and reused
Weight Less than 30% of the cement concrete
Strength Very strong than cement concrete
Water resistance 100% leak proof
Safety Excellent. Recommended even for bank lockers
Temperature maintenance Keeps the room temperature at moderate level even in extreme hot and cold climatic conditions
Shock absorbing ability Withstands even high-intensive earthquakes. Highly recommended in earthquake prone areas
Curing time for roof Concrete Ready to use instantly. No curing time required
Appearance Can be made in a mirror finish. No paint required. Can come in a variety of colors and designs
Environment-friendly 100% natural and 100% environment-friendly. Products made by rubber concrete cannot be attacked by insects for many centuries although it is 100% natural

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Proposal solicited from corporate houses having inter-continental infrastructure or governments to implement the project.

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