Herbo powered vehicle

Acute scarcity of 100% eco-friendly power will be experienced all over the world once we make a full stop to polluting power generating technologies. We cannot any more afford to pollute atmosphere and carry on with our activities. Our scientists are not concentrating on the matter seriously and they are roaming around polluting power sources, either directly or indirectly, wasting their time.

New inventions of power generations with ethanol, hydrogen etc. are more dangerous and will produce devastating effects to the Nature. Scientists are not at all worried about the present environmental issues due to their inventions on many sectors including power generation. They seem to be satisfied with very short-term benefits with these technologies.

Agencies who are supposed to monitor and protect environment are conveniently closing their eyes and get their renumeration from their political masters. It must be considered as your final warning to escape from the wrath of The Holy and Almighty Nature for the unpardonable offenses you have committed against the Nature. Better change your attitude or be ready to face the severe consequences on you and your beloved ones who are enjoying the corrupted money you have amassed.

M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises has announced very many eco-friendly and economical power generating projects. Herbo powered vehicle is one among them. It is 100% pollution-free and very economical. A few of its advantages are enlisted below. Those who are interested can contact us for implementing the project.


  1. 100% eco-friendly
  2. No atmospheric, soil, water, dust, sound, radiation pollution
  3. Uninterrupted immense power
  4. The technology is used to run any motorized vehicle including aircrafts
  5. Very economical
  6. Herbal energy is used along with other energies
  7. A maximum of INR 30/- per km. is estimated for the cost of this herbo fuel to fly an aircraft with a passenger capacity of approximately 400
  8. The engine with herbo fuel can be mounted on any existing vehicle/aircraft
  9. Very useful in the context of scarcity of power
  10. Herbo power can substitute all types of fossil fuel power, wind mill power, solar power, nuclear power, hydrogen power, thermal power, hydel power, bio power, ethanol power etc.
  11. Herbo power can be easily made available all over the world irrespective of climatic conditions, even in places like Antarctica
  12. No harmful by-products generated from the system
  13. Light weight engines only required, may be less than 10% of the present weight of engines.
  14. Sudden pickup and excellent pulling power
  15. A gamechanger in automobile and aero sectors
  16. Can be manufactured in any part of the world with very minimum infrastructure
  17. Can be used even for space shuttles, rocket/satellite launchers etc.

Proposal solicited from corporate houses having inter-continental infrastructure or governments to implement the project.

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