Application form for availing the service of Ateendriya Charitra Chalachitra Leghyam

Send email with the below details with subject starting with ACCL.

  1. Your name (full name as per records)
  2. Name of the institution
  3. Your designation in the institution
  4. Address
  5. Contact email id
  6. Contact number (with code)
  7. Briefly describe about yourself and your occupation
  8. What is the event for which you are applying for the service of Ateendriya Charitra Chalachitra Leghyam
  9. Date of the event
  10. Describe your purpose of availing this service
  11. Declaration by the applicant

(Payment to be remitted only after confirmation from us)

*We retain all rights to reject your application without assigning any cause.

*The application will be rejected in case of submission of false declaration by you without  notice.

    *I declare that the above furnished information is true to the best of my knowledge. (If the applicant is a minor or unable to give declaration, then this declaration is required from his/her guardian/caretaker)