List of general protection plans from Ateendriya Suraksha extended to all the individuals/firms who have taken any one of the schemes and paid the installation fee

1.    Protection from ALL types of cyber-crimes

2.    Protection from existing viruses/worms in the system and that are to be emerged in future

3.    Protection for the bank accounts and online transactions. 

4.    Protection for the applicant is provided from criminals to make safe ATM transactions anywhere.

5.    Protection provided to make a safe journey in motor vehicles, animal driven vehicles, trains, airplanes and ships etc.

6.    Protection for the houses, buildings, places where the subscriber is working/staying from all types of internal and external attacks.

7.    Protection from the attacks of domestic and wild animals, from all poisonous insect bites like insects, mosquitoes, rats, dogs, cats and other disease spreading elements from air, water and soil.

8.    Protection from all diseases including fatal diseases.

The subscriber need not make any extra payment for availing the above general protection of Ateendriya Suraksha.

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