Scheme 11: Protection for shipyards

Industrialization has made the world to move so fast confronting many challenges. The overall pace of life is getting increased worldwide. Technological advancement in the field of transportation is therefore on the fastest track. Evolution of modern transportation in road, rail, pipelines, shipping and airline industries today are witnessing huge transformation. Diversity of modes in transportation are designed to undertake huge volumes with maximum possible speed to carry both passengers and freights. Invention of larger and high-speed transportation vehicles have been introduced on all areas and in all modes of transportations.

Above 12% of total world’s GDP is spent on transportation industry alone. This ever-booming industry has boosted national and international commercial transactions and has given new dimensions to the business. Faster movements of goods and faster movements of people by road, rail, water and air made economy more vibrant. Millions of people are employed directly and billions are indirectly benefitted. People now started evaluating development of a place primarily based on the creation of infrastructure of transportation by road, rail, water and air. Modern development cannot be achieved without basic transportation facilities. Dependence or may be over-dependence of modern transportation system by road, using high-tech, high-speed automobiles, by rail using high-speed trains/bullet trains, by water using luxury cruise ships or large container cargo vessels, and by air using aircrafts with large capacity and high-speed supersonic aircrafts that can travel faster than the speed of sound etc are available today and are being in use all over the world.

Safety concern on the other hand has become the biggest challenge of this industry. Thousands of people are dying in this man-made or machine-made accidents every day, destroying billions worth of goods, vehicles, machineries etc. The latest statistics of road, rail, water, air accidents are giving us an alarming picture. The issue has reached a level of global crisis today. Compulsory grounding of hundreds of Boeing 737 Max high-tech aircrafts subsequent to the air crashes due to certain technical software fault is one of the recent examples. The company had to suffer a huge loss of revenue quiet unexpectedly along with the cancellation of thousands of confirmed orders received from airline companies. Estimated direct loss of Boeing company is over USD 5 billion, apart from huge opportunity and indirect irrecoverable losses. Accidents of this nature would not have happened if Ateendriya Suraksha was installed in the aircraft. We could have saved precious lives of hundreds of people and revenue loss of billions.

Protection from marine accidents:

450-500 marine accidents take place a year killing thousands of people and destroying assets worth billions. With the advancement of the modern technology there are various types of ships being used by the marine industry.

1.    Passenger ships

2.    Cargo ships

3.    Tanker ships

4.    Fishing vessels

5.    Tug boats and push boats

6.    Fishing ferry

7.    Work vessels

8.    Barge

9.    Pleasure boats

10. Public service vessels

11. Personal water crafts

12. Amphibian ships which can travel in both air and water

13. Submarines

Most common causes of ship accidents:

1.    Adverse weather conditions (fog, heaving wind, cyclone, heavy rain, tsunami etc) can cause the ship to crash or even sink.

2.    Human error

3.    Negligence/carelessness of ship crews

4.    Equipment failure (engine failure or failure of the navigation tool)

5.    External attacks

6.    Sabotage

7.    Cyber-attack

8.    Offshore oil ring accidents

9.    Highly inflammable oil tanker accidents

10. Grounding of ships – it occurs when the bottom of the ship’s hull scraps through the ocean bed

11. Piracy attacks

12. Crane mishaps

13. Accidents in ship yards

14. Electrical accidents

15. Collisions at sea

16. Poor maintenance

17. Tsunami/violent sea wave

18. Volcanic eruption at the sea bed

19. Collisions with ice bergs

20. Ships getting into Bermuda triangle in Atlantic Ocean (more than thousand ships and planes have disappeared so far without any trace)

Ateendriya Suraksha will protect all types of ships, passengers and cargo from all such possible accidents ensuring a safe journey.

Ateendriya Suraksha can be installed in airports, shipyards, railway stations and other public utility centres of large traffic movements. This special protective scheme of Ateendriya Suraksha will safeguard the entire movable and immovable assets within the outer compound wall of the protected area. The protected area will be safeguarded from all internal and external attacks of any manner including a possibility of heaviest missile or nuclear attacks.

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