Scheme 13: Protection of forests from forest fire

Millions of acres of forests are being reduced to ashes due to forest fire every year. It is estimated that about 6 million acres of forests were burnt in 2016 and over 10 million acres in 2017. The statistics of forest fire in 2018 and 2019 shows more than double the size of the above data.

Survival of the planet Earth solely depends on forests. However, large scale deforestation all over the world to the extent of 18 million acres a year for the sake of industrialization and urbanization. Taking the deforestation rate into account, we are conveniently ignoring the fact that mankind is presently fast approaching towards a catastrophic dead-end. All our civilization will perish without forest. Human has already destroyed 2 billion hectares of forest and substantial destruction is taking place from the remaining 4 billion hectares. Statistics reveals that 78 million acres are getting destroyed every year. This means 200000 acres of forest are destroyed every day. Are you aware of the fact that we are destroying 150 acres of forest every minute? You must understand that the ever-greedy human is uprooting 30000 trees per minute to spread his polluting civilization with concrete jungle. The so called modern civilized foolish society pretends to be sleeping against this cruelty to the Mother Nature. Unlimited deforestation, over exploitation of natural resources, high level pollution of air, water and soil destroyed the eco system of planet Earth. The recent development of climate change, unexpected flood, drought, extreme heat waves, earthquakes, hurricanes etc are to be seen as initial Nature’s warnings. Be wise enough at least hereafter to take corrective steps before it is too late. It is the most serious matter of our survival and for our future generation, along with other inhabitants of the planet Earth.

Ateendriya Suraksha is one of the corrective steps. Ateendriya Suraksha will prevent forest fire irrespective of the cause of the fire. This means Ateendriya Suraksha will prevent causes such as natural causes including fire due to lightening, fire due to friction and man-made causes such as:

1.    Intentional flaming by vested interest criminals

2.    Due to negligence and human carelessness (smoking cigarettes near vegetation etc)

3.    Electric spark

4.    Other sources of ignition with inflammable materials

5.    Fire possibility while gun battle and other explosive weapons

We wish to inform governments and other forest preservation authorities to approach us for installing Ateendriya Suraksha at the earliest, as we have almost reached the extreme end. We cannot further afford to have any more forest fire hereafter. The international community of human right protection, environmental protection, animal protection and all other like-minded organizations should come together to force authorities to declare ban on deforestation and give maximum punishment to those who violate the law. We should also join together to launch a campaign to preserve forest, planting long-life trees’ siblings all over the world. We must plant trees and enforce special rules for allocating areas for a minimum of 10% of the land area including all residential zones, agri zones, industrial zones, commercial zones etc apart from the reserved forests. Developed and developing countries should join together for giving certain economic relief package for the under-developed nations for preserving forests. This will help them to stop cutting trees for mere economic benefits. Special privileges may be given to individuals who are planting maximum no. of trees and taking active participation in the forestation campaign.

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