Scheme 14: Protection for agriculture

Agriculture scheme of Ateendriya Suraksha can benefit millions of farmers covering about 1.5 billion hectares of land used for various crop-cultivation globally. Farmers today are subjected to high level exploitation all over the world by powerful, ever-greedy lobby of pesticide manufacturers and chemical fertilizer manufacturers in association with notorious Agri-scientists who have invented high yield seeds.

Introduction of high yield seeds promoting chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers:

The ignorant and poor farming community all over the world are being cheated and looted by the introduction of high yield seeds. High yielding crops have tempted and attracted the farmers into their well-planned trap. High yield plants consume more than 10 times quantity of nutrients than the normal plants from the soil. This has contributed substantial negative impact on soil vitality. Most of the high yield varieties have poor resistance power and frequent usage of highly poisonous pesticides became a necessity for the farmers. Vested interest scientists must have developed these high yield varieties in nexus with pesticide manufacturers. Poor farmers and general public are subjected to a daylight looting in such pre-planned ill-motivated inventions with hidden agenda.

Repeated cultivation of high yield varieties drastically affects the soil vitality. The soil will not be able to produce anything without chemical fertilizers. Farmers are thus compelled to purchase chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and high yield seeds. This is the fine-netted nexus and network of highly influential corporates controlling the entire world of agriculture today.

Alarming statistics of the usage of killer chemical pesticides in the world:

Usage of pesticides world-wide:

YearUnit (tonnes)

Over 3 billion kgs of pesticides are being used world-wide annually. Killer pesticides have become a man-made disaster today. Wide use of chemical pesticides creates disastrous effect on soil potential, water sources and eco system of the planet Earth. Highly poisonous chemicals mentioned below are extensively used to kill or control insects, weeds, fungi, rodents and microbes etc.

1.    Dichiorophenoxya

2.    Centic acid (2,4-D)

3.    Aldrin/Dieldrin

4.    Atrazine

5.    Chlordane

6.    Chlordecone

7.    DDT, DDE or DDD

8.    Endosulfan

9.    Endrin etc

It is extensively used in agriculture, food industry and forestry. Farmers are spending USD 80-100 per acre of cultivation per season on pesticides. Farmers buy over USD 300 billion worth of chemical pesticides a year. Pesticides have been linked to a wide range of human health hazards, ranging from short-term impacts to chronic impacts. Cancer, blindness, dementia, heavy damage to nervous system, paralysis, brain stroke, impotency, barrenness etc are some of the common fatal diseases affected by people due to the excessive use of pesticides. Pesticides are detrimental to the environment and produce considerable damage to the eco system. It is killing and destroying non-target species in large scale. It dangerously pollutes air, water and soil and contaminates all over the adjacent areas.

Chemical pesticides destroy soil micro-organisms. This will drastically result in adverse soil respiration and stopping soil nutrients cycling. Plants growth will be severely affected if the soil loses nutrients. Earth will eventually become a barren land in the process. Today no vegetables, fruits, seeds, millets are available free from dangerous pesticide residue. It is contaminated both internally and externally. We have almost tarnished the fate of the next generation on Earth.

Let us ban chemical pesticides internationally and save the humanity and millions of other living creatures. Ateendriya Suraksha will take good care of your crops by protecting the yield of your hard work from insects, animals, pests and from all known and unknown diseases without using any pesticides. All you need to do is to use organic manure and discard high-yield seeds.

Bio-diversity of the Nature:

In order to protect and preserve the bio-diversity of the Nature, we should not completely destroy insects and other creatures. Nature has created them with a specific purpose. Earth belongs to them also. However, this does not mean that they will be permitted to ruin the entire crop. Considering the importance of this issue Ateendriya Suraksha will permit insects and other creatures to consume 8% of the yield of the crop. This will display a fine example of co-existence. We must not ignore the fact that many of such insects play a vital role in getting better yield from your crops. In other words, crops will stop yielding without the interference of insects, birds and other creatures. It is or it should be a well-balanced give-and-take system. It is all about a thick bond of friendship between the farmer and other inhabitants of the Nature.

Ateendriya Suraksha can be installed individually by a farmer or collectively by farmers. It can be installed covering the entire village or the entire district. It can be installed covering the entire state or the whole country at once. It can also be installed covering the entire world if the matter is taken up by the United Nations and take appropriate decisions in consultation with us.

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