Scheme 15: Protection for aquaculture

Ateendriya Suraksha gives protection to aquaculture as well. It is basically the farming of fish in both fresh water and salt water under controlled conditions.

Major threats to aquaculture industry:

a) Chemical pesticide – Liquid pesticides sprayed onto the plants contaminates soil and ground water and end up in polluting surrounding wells, lakes, ponds, rivers and all other water sources.

b) Climate change

c) Environment pollution

d) Large scale destruction of aquaculture due to sudden unexpected contagious diseases.

Aquaculture industry caters lion’s share of the total fish production. About 2 million tonnes is the global annual production strength of the aquaculture industry.

Major benefits of aquaculture:

Protecting aquaculture industry is essential for our survival.

1.    Helps to clean up the water sources

2.    It is the alternative food source

3.    Fish is one of the richest sources of protein

4.    One of the biggest jobs creating industry

5.    Helps to reduce sea food deficit

6.    Reduces fishing pressure on wild stock

7.    Helps to control mosquito growth

Install Ateendriya Suraksha and make aquaculture industry disease-free, safe and more profitable. It can be installed individually or collectively by farmers. It can be installed village-wise, district-wise, state-wise or even covering the entire nation.

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