Scheme 16: Protection for domestic animals and birds from all known and unknown contagious diseases, and also protection to the people from their attacks

According to the statistics from the UN’s food and agriculture organization, the world’s average stock of domestic animals/birds are:

a.    Cattles – 1.4 billion

b.    Chicken and other birds – 10 billion

c.    Sheep and pigs – 1 billion

d.    Pet dogs – 900 million

Apart from these there are millions of domesticated livestock like cats, birds, small animals, horses, donkeys etc. Livestock animals such as cows, sheep, goats and chicken have very important role in the ecosystem and healthy survival of human beings. They mostly eat hay grown on farms, they provide milk, eggs, wool, meat, skin etc for human and their waste can fertilize and enrich the soil vitality to produce more.

Millions of people are directly employed and billions are benefitted indirectly in the livestock-based industries such as:

1.    Milk industries and numerous milk-based industries like ghee, butter, cheese and milk powder, biscuits, baby food, sweets etc

2.    Leather industries

3.    Fire extinguishing industries

4.    Glue manufacturing industries

5.    Herbal pesticide manufacturing industries

6.    Egg-based products

7.    Breeding centres

8.    Textile industries

9.    Numerous agriculture-based industries

10. Aquaculture-based industries

11. Pharmaceutical industries

12. Food supplement industries

13. Sports and entertainment industries

14. Animals used by detective agencies

15. Local transportation industries

16. For scientific study and research

17. Pet and protection

For billions of people these domestic animal-based industries provide livelihood and give them self-confidence to face challenges of life. Every human being is hence very closely associated with them. Thousands of research and development scientific organizations are also surviving on account of them though these researchers have not contributed anything substantial to the society so far. On the contrary, many of their inventions have cost irreparable damage and negative impacts to both the entire livestock and to the mankind. Large-scale livestock is getting perished due to diseases every day. Farmers are worried about the sudden attack and spread of contagious diseases in the cattle farm due to the poor immunity power especially among hybrid livestock.

Farmers are compelled to spend huge amount to prevent such disasters. They have borrowed money to meet such unexpected and huge expenditure. Eventually they land up in heavy debts. This dismal state of affairs in these industries drive the farmers away from the farming business. All the associated industries mentioned above are also getting adversely affected on account of the troubles and issues faced by farmers. Our scientific community is driven by very short-term benefits and they do not give due importance to the negative partial effects of their inventions. The poor farmers and the mankind will have to pay a huge price if they continue to interfere in the Nature’s formulations. Inventions of hybrid varieties are a miserable failure as it destroys the entire natural ecosystem. Scientific community should be de-linked from the clutches of corporate companies whose motives are purely based on short-term commercial benefits and profits.

Considering the huge importance of this issue in the society, it has been decided to provide Ateendriya Suraksha to protect the entire domestic livestock from diseases and save the farmers and their livelihood. Farmers individually or in group can avail this scheme.

Ateendriya Suraksha protects people from the attack of domestic animals

Attacks from domestic animals are a cause of human injuries and fatalities world-wide. Millions of people are seriously bitten/attacked by ferocious animals each year globally. Several thousands of people die annually from rabies and bites from rabies effected dogs. Thousands of people also suffer serious injuries from the attacks of other domestic animals on a daily basis. People and governments are incurring huge amount for the treatments. On an average, about USD 200 is spent in each case of animal attack. Animal attacks often make the lives of farmers miserable leading to partial or complete disability. Ateendriya Suraksha if installed will protect farmers from such untoward incidents. Even if there is an attack, it will not be fatal.

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