Scheme 2: Protection from hacking, copyright piracy and software piracy

Protection against hacking:

Ateendriya Suraksha gives protection from ALL cybercrimes.  Below listed are some of them.

1. Cyberbullying and harassment13. Domain name hijacking25. Identity thefts
2. Financial extortion14. Spreading of viruses and worms26. Salami slicing attacks
3. Internet threats15. Spy camera audio/video27. Evil twin attacks
4. Classified global security thefts16. Apps designed to cheat people28. Malware attacks
a. Ransomware
b. Drive by attacks
c. Trojan horses etc   
5. Password trafficking17. Hacking29. Eavesdropping
6. Enterprise trade secret18. Virus decimation30. Data breaches
7. Personal data hacking19. Logic bombs31. Birthday attacks
8. Counterfeit trademarks20. Denial of service attacks (DDoS)32. Brute force and dictionary network attacks
9. Online illegal marketing21. Email bombing and spamming33. IoT attacks
10. Credit card thefts and frauds22. Web jacking34. Exploiting VDPs
11. Phishing23. Cyber stalking35. Insider threatsa. Man-in-the-middle attacks
b. All powered attacks etc
12. Spoofing24. Data digging 

Every website developer, agency or website owner should be aware of the alarming state of hacking statistics of websites today. These numbers will give some insight into how important is to have a fool proof system for your website from hacking. Thousands of prominent websites are getting hacked every hour, and millions are infected with malware daily. It is estimated that out of 380 million websites in USA, 33000 websites are infected with some type of malware every day. According to an authentic study, it is estimated that there is an attack on a website every 9 seconds on an average. One day it could be your website may be.

Website :- a 24hrs showroom:

The importance of having a website for a business firm can hardly be exaggerated. To highlight a few:

1.  It is very cost effective

2.  It has wider demographic reach

3.  It gives business credibility

4.  It is active round the clock

5.  It provides better customer ease and convenience

6.  It makes easy business promotion

7.  It enables better customer rapport

8.  It helps to build customer base

9.  It helps in Nish marketing

10.  It helps to reduce investment on infrastructure

There are about 2 billion websites world-wide and about 30 million are infected with malware at any given point of time, despite taking all possible anti-virus and anti-hacking precautions. You cannot afford to leave your valuable website to such chances. Inactive website can cause huge loss of business, uncertainty, data leakage, credibility loss and huge economic set back. Protect your precious website by installing Ateendriya Suraksha as early as possible, preferably before the hackers cast their eyes on your website. Ateendriya Suraksha will protect your website from any type of cyberattack/hacking.

Protection from copyright piracy and software piracy:

The simplest meaning of software piracy is illegal copying, distribution or use of software to a profitable business. It is highly profitable business that it has caught the attention of organized crime groups globally. According to the latest estimation, about 50% of all software in current use is stolen.

Various types of software piracy:    

1.  Software lifting – borrowing and installing a copy of a software application from a colleague

2.  Client-server over use – installing more copies of a software than you have license for

3.  Hard disk loading – installing and selling unauthorized copies of software

4.  Counterfeiting – duplicating and selling copyrighted programs

5.  Online piracy – typically involves downloading illegal software

Economic impact of copyright infringement:

International studies conducted by reputed international agencies estimate that the total commercial value of illegally copied software is over USD 100 billion per year. Over 80% of software deployed on PC has been pirated.

Copyright piracy:

Copyright infringement/piracy is the illegal use of works protected by the copyright law without permission. It has huge negative impact on economy. It is estimated that as much as USD 250-300 billion is lost due to copyright piracy as well as a direct loss of 5 million jobs globally per year.

Copyright piracy in entertainment media:

The entertainment industry today faces the most serious and gravest of challenges due to piracy. Unauthorized copying and distribution of cinematograph films and music threaten the existence of these industries. Global music piracy causes an economic loss of USD 20 billion per year apart from job loss and tax revenue loss.

Piracy causes loss in billions in film industry:

As per a study by the university of Indonesia’s Institute for Economic and Social Research, the film industry has reportedly lost USD 100 billion due to piracy in the year 2017. Credible analysis conducted by experts conclude that global music piracy causes about USD 15 billion per year apart from loss of job, workers’ earning and loss of revenue tax. Loss of world-wide motion picture industry estimated at USD 50 billion per year due to piracy.

Cyber criminals spending huge amount on devices that provide access to film, television etc.

Heavy damaging impact of internet piracy on the following industries:

1. Film industry

2. Software industry

3. Music industry

4. Publishing industry etc

Software piracy:

Software piracy costed technological companies over USD 50 billion in the year 2018.

Most widely pirated software:

The most pirated software is that runs on Windows as it is widely used operating system in the world. Next follows Windows OS XP 7,10, Microsoft Office, Internet download manager, WinRAR, Neuro Burning ROM, Adobe, Photoshop, FL studio, Vegas Pro, Auto CAD etc.

Hackers and cybercriminals have got the upper hand today. Existing preventive mechanism are insufficient, weak and failed miserably to protect the genuine from the fraud. The producers/manufacturers are losing heavily, the inventor is losing heavily, government is losing heavily, practically everyone is losing except the fraud hacker. Years of hard work, hard earned money and reputation are getting looted overnight by these cybercriminals. It is like a day-light robbery. Law makers and enforcement agencies have become mere helpless spectators.

Do not get dejected and disheartened. Now Ateendriya Suraksha has come and will take charge of this situation, making an end of this complex issue once for all. All you need to do is to install Ateendriya Suraksha and leave the rest. Concentrate on your business, profession, research etc and excel in your endeavour. No one hereafter can steal your hard-earned precious assets, technologies, intellectual properties or trademarks etc. Life is too precious to spend worrying!

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