Scheme 21: Protection for lakes, ponds, rivers up to a length of 500km

Protection for water resources like lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans etc, severely and dangerously affected from man-made pollution:

The so-called modern human civilization is solely responsible for polluting all the water sources. Millions of tons of various types of waste are being dumped to the water sources on a daily basis. Our water sources are getting clogged by industrial waste, plastic waste, human waste etc. Highly dangerous level of pollution is present in streams, lakes, rivers and oceans etc. The quality of ground water in most of the urban and industrial areas are far below the required potability standard.

Water – a rare commodity:

Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. The oceans hold about 97% of Earth’s water body. Although water covers 70% of Earth’s surface, water is actually a rare substance that represents just 0.05% of the Earth’s total mass. Educating the public by creating a wrong impression is a form of criminal offense. Our kids are being taught that 70% of the Earth is water. They are not been taught that the volume of water is not even 1% of the mass of the Earth. Let us be aware of the fact that water as a vapour in our atmosphere could potentially escape into the space out of the Earth. Are we conscious of this dangerous phenomenon that due to high-level of pollution, Earth loses hundreds of tons of atmosphere to space every day? This loss is irrecoverable and a loss for ever. Can you imagine a situation of the planet Earth without having a cover of the atmosphere? We must educate the public that nothing can survive in the absence of atmosphere. It can be reduced to a life-less, water-less mass. How can anyone with common sense ignore this reality of tomorrow if you continue this lifestyle? How can anyone with common sense keep quite when our precious water sources are getting destroyed. How can you permit anyone to use water sources as dump yard of waste? How can you as a responsible citizen buy a commodity produced by a factory where the drainage and industrial waste is diverted to a water source. Your indirect consent and encouragement are given when you utilize their services or purchase their products. The revolution of cleaning the Earth from pollution should therefore start with every individual like you and me.

The present generation especially the modern so-called civilized society has completely ignored the basic principles of life and survival in co-existence with the other creatures of the Nature. They mercilessly compete each other to pollute our rivers, sea, air and soil. Rivers and sea have become sewage carriers of human waste. They mercilessly cut trees and make Earth a barren land. They are engaged in deep excavations and over exploitation of metals, minerals and fossils damaging the magnetic equilibrium of the planet. Air pollution has reached its peak, suffocating the atmosphere outside and damaging the internal organs inside the body. We are undoubtedly heading towards a disastrous end. Look at the condition of the sea today. It has become a graveyard of plastic waste, nuclear waste, human waste, industrial waste etc., killing all the inhabitants living in the sea world. Can we claim that we are still civilized? Your selfishness, corruptness and narrow-mindedness are going to destroy you and other invaluable creations of the Nature.

The planet Earth is made of five elements – Air, Water, Fire, Soil and Space and the human body is also made of these five elements of the Nature. These five elements of the Nature are the external body of the Cosmic Energy. This is the reason the Indian Vedic Philosophy has described Rivers, Sea and Earth as the “Holy Mother” and worshiped these Natural forces. You cannot perform any work without involving these five elements. This means your physical and spiritual existence is depended on these five elements. Hence, we must cultivate the culture of worshiping these Nature’s powers as it was done in the past. They are truly the incarnations and physical representation of the Holy Cosmic Energy. Our close interaction with the Nature is the only dependable way to get into ourselves and understand their dominating potential. The more you detach yourself from the Nature, the deeper will be your spiritual ignorance and hollowness.

Consequences of large-scale natural resource exploitation and high-level pollution:

·   Shortly we will be facing shortage of oxygen in the air as hundreds of hectares of land is deforested on a daily basis. Air travel will be difficult due to insufficient oxygen especially in high altitude.

·   Shortly we will be facing acute shortage of food as manurability of the soil has been deteriorated to an alarmingly low level due to excess production and deforestation.

·   Shortly we will be facing spread of incurable epidemic due to high water, air and soil pollution.

·  Shortly the society will be crowded with insanity and mental illness. This is due to high pollution rate and excess radiation emitting from man-made equipment.

·  Shortly we are going to witness natural calamities like sporadic heavy downpour, violent sea weaves, extreme heat and cold climatic conditions, disastrous cyclone, powerful earthquakes demolishing our false, egoistic tall constructions etc.

We are witnessing clear warning signals these days. But we do pretend as if nothing is going to happen. We prefer to ignore and live in a hypocritic world. The fury of the Nature is the fury of the Cosmic Energy. If we continue the same life style human extinction from Earth is not far away. We can save our future generation provided that we are able to take the following immediate action plan:

1.    Impose international ban on plastic and other bio non-degradable products. Invention of plastic has become a curse to all living beings on Earth. I can help the authorities to find out a solution to substitute this killer product with a Nature friendly bio degradable Nature plastic.

2.    Impose international ban on excavation and burning of fossil fuel for energy production. I can help the authorities to provide alternative energy production technology without damaging the environment and economically at 1/10th of the present cost of production.

3.    Impose international ban on waste disposal, contaminating water sources. Capital punishment should be given to individuals, group, and companies involved in dumping waste to water sources. I can help the authorities to find out a pollution free and environment friendly waste treatment system. The system will keep the environment neat, clean and healthy.

4.    Impose international ban on nuclear power plant. The violent sea waves will shortly uproot all of them situated especially on the banks. Demolition of a nuclear plant is equal to destruction of 100 to 150 square kilometres of all living beings.

5.    Impose international ban on wind mill power generating system. The monstrous size of fan blades is responsible to divert the natural wind route. This is one of the contributing factors of climate change. This will have adverse impact on agriculture due to unseasonal and untimely rain, upsetting the geographical diversities.

6.    Impose international ban on solar power generation. It is going to be the most dangerous scientific discovery of recent times. I wish to warn the scientific community that large-scale solar energy tapping will result in reducing oxygen from the atmosphere and increase the level of carbon dioxide. A quantity of 0.01gm oxygen is neutralized from the atmosphere with the production of every 100 units of electricity by the solar energy system. We cannot afford to lose even a single drop of oxygen from the atmosphere. It is our survival issue.

Energy generation from sunlight is like extending direct invitation of harsh sunlight to the Earth. The sun supposed to be the protector of life is compelled to become the destroyer. The global warming process will be accelerated due to this mass scale solar energy harvest. The scientific community and custodian of environment protection authorities must immediately look into the built-in danger in the renewable energy generation technology.

Let us try to understand that people who pollute our water sources and atmosphere are our arch enemies. They must be isolated in the society, and lawmakers must frame uncompromising rules to punish all those who are indulging in polluting our precious water sources.

Dear friends, the reality is that we are fast approaching to a catastrophic dead end if immediate and sufficient corrective action is not taken. All the possible resources, equipment and manpower must be utilized to clean up the water sources and install Ateendriya Suraksha simultaneously. Ateendriya Suraksha will protect our water sources from the possibilities of getting polluted thereafter.

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