Scheme 26: Protection for high-rise buildings, iconic monumental structures

It could be any building of your choice that you would like to protect from all types of internal and external attacks. We have many iconic buildings displaying the architectural beauty and excellence. Most of them are only one of its kind. It would be almost impossible to make a similar structure with the same perfection. Hence preserving them from damage is the only possible option in front of us. Importance of preserving historic buildings is crucial for retaining our heritage and history. It provides a sense of identity and expertise of the masters of the past lived and reigned in the society. Ateendriya Suraksha provides protection to your precious monuments, structures and buildings. A building under the protection of Ateendriya Suraksha is therefore protected from all kinds of damages. Your delayed decision to provide Ateendriya Suraksha cover, could be a loss forever.

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