Scheme 7: Protection from cyberattacks for governments who possess nuclear, chemical or biological weapons

Currently there are no industry standard frameworks for cyber security. Cyber security architecture is commonly used to describe computer network security from cyber-attacks. Devices such as firewalls, intrusions, detections, protection systems, encryption, decryption devices are inadequate, incapable and give little assurance from cyber-attacks. The increasing reliance of governments on cyber infrastructure makes them progressively more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attackers target the governments, military and other infrastructural assets of a nation. These vital centres are constantly subjected to cyber-attacks as the bargaining capacity of the hackers are at the top.

Cyber-attacks on national security systems:

These include networks that contain classified information, data very critical to military and intelligence agencies etc. They face constant cyber threats and it is rapidly evolving and increasing.

Cyber warfare between nations:

It is a heavy cyber action or technological force to neutralize the enemy nation’s military and intelligence network. The nature of warfare has shifted from physical to online. Serious damage can be inflicted to confidential data, destroying networks, corrupting files etc. It is predicted by experts that the next major war will be more likely to come in the form of a massive cyber-attack than the physical military invasion.

Almost all software enabled weapon systems can be hacked. They are even unable to identify potential threats. Powerful nations are equipping themselves to build an organization capable of war fighting in the cyber dimension. Some of the most cutting-edged weapons possessed by the advanced countries can be hacked using even basic tool. Cyber vulnerabilities are found in almost all weapon systems.

Manufacturing factories and stockyards of destructive weapons are going to be highly sought-after targets of enemy nations. Hackers are getting equipped to detonate weapons made and preserved in the stockyard itself. Cyber-attacks will be possible even if the weapons are detached from internet connections in the near future. Makers of weapons of mass destructions will find it extremely difficult to keep it under safe custody and guard it from professional hackers trained by enemy nations. The most guarded and considered to be the safest cities of the world today will thus soon be reduced to the most dangerous locations. Citizens from such highly developed and posh cities will have to be evacuated and kept away at least by 100km radius where the nuclear, chemical or biological weapons are installed. Is it humanly possible? Horrible and unimaginable and extreme chaotic situations await us in the near future. Ateendriya Suraksha will resolve this extremely challenging task and man-made disaster. Authorities of the city can approach Gurukripa Enterprises well in advance to make their city under the supreme and impenetrable suraksha cover by any man-made forces on Earth.

Nuclear weapons:

Nuclear systems and related systems are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The world’s most advanced nuclear weapons are vulnerable to stealthy attacks from enemies that could lead to catastrophic consequences even to the extent of complete global destruction. This being a global issue, a global approach to address the problem is necessary and very much the need of the hour. It is estimated by the international agencies that 9 countries in the world possess a total of 14000 nuclear weapons capable of mass killing, and presently we are all compelled to live under the mercy of some lunatic hackers.

Chemical weapons:

Over 72000 metric tons of chemical agents and 97 declared production facilities/factories are available, exclusively meant to produce chemical weapons to kill people. Our scientists have unfortunately made use of the technical advancements and knowledge to kill himself and everyone around him. High-tech chemical weapons of today can instantly kill the entire living creatures and inhabitants of a particular targeted location. This means a few chemical bombs can wipe out the entire living beings in a developed city.

Bio weapons:

World is suffering from food-borne, air-borne and water-borne diseases. Many bio-weaponized arsenals, capable to spread fatal illness are kept in ready-to-attack mode by most of the developed and developing nations. These weapons are attached with missiles that can carry the weapon to the targeted location thousands of kilometres away.

World is at the hacker’s gun point:

All the digitals systems are vulnerable. All the nuclear, chemical and biological weapon’s control systems are computerized/digitalized for easy operations and management. The risk of cyber-attacks to these targets could lead to stealing sensitive information, interrupt critical communication, manipulate warning systems or even gaining total control of the weapons. This could lead to a potential risk of explosion of the weapons. The impact of such explosion is beyond description. It could be the end of this civilization or obliteration of human race from the planet Earth. The modern science and scientists have made our life miserable and challenged even our existence. We are truly compelled to live at the hacker’s gun point.

Consumer data security and government public utility systems:

Recent ransomware and other attacks underscore the value attackers see in the data stored in the city and regional government systems. That is why they are vulnerable. Cities are getting deeper and deeper into IT based activities to deliver services as efficiently as possible, giving attackers more opportunity to engage a malicious behaviour. Large scale data stored in department systems become an attractive target for the hackers. Cyber-attacks aimed at nuclear power plants, water, electrical systems are dangerous and can cripple the life of the residents living in the area. Needless to say, any type of attacks on nuclear plants is very concerning, could have devastating consequences including release of fatal radiation.

The technology of nuclear weapon is available in many countries today. Efforts are being made by the scientists of other countries to develop nuclear technology or acquire nuclear technology from nations who possess it. Nations who do not have nuclear technology are buying large quantities of nuclear weapons spending huge amount. This trend is making the world more unsafe and unpredictable. Millions of people can be killed by an immature decision of irresponsible politicians or head of the nation with such devastating killer nuclear weapons. In this context, it is highly important to have Ateendriya Suraksha cover which can give complete protection from all possible and dangerous attacks.


Ateendriya Suraksha is the final, reliable resort, answer to this emergency situation. You may consider that every second of pre-installation of Ateendriya Suraksha may be fatal for some of us, many of us or all of us. One insane hacker also is sufficient to destroy the whole world. A delayed decision by the concerned authorities may lead to irrecoverable loss of precious lives and assets. You may therefore do not waste time in worthless debates and discussions.

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