Prediction II – Prediction of Tsunami attacks demolishing many Atomic nuclear plants

This is expected to take place during 2030 – 2032 AD.

The world is going to face yet another disaster in the form of monstrous Tsunami waves. You may be aware of the possible impact in case of a blast in nuclear atomic plant. The Tsunami as predicted will be formed due to high magnitude earthquakes in the sea at many locations. Details of the exact locations of the epicentre can be given to those who are responsible and in-charge for cautioning the public globally.

Impact of this Tsunami attack

1. A minimum of 7 atomic nuclear power plants will be completely destroyed.

2. Millions will die of radiation as well as in flood.

3. Thousands of cargo and cruise ships will be destroyed and will sink into deep sea.

4. Sea water will be further contaminated by crude oil spilled out from many cargo vessels. Almost all living creatures, fish, other sea plants etc. will perish and die.

5. All sea food industries will be closed.

6. Everything in the sea including salt will get contaminated.

7. Temperature in the atmosphere will shoot up due to oily layer on sea surface.

8. Sea will continue to be violent and large coastal areas will be washed off.

Desirable precautions

Desirable action to be taken by people who take the prediction seriously:

1. Stop transporting crude oil and other edible and non-edible oil through sea. The planet Earth will be lifeless without sea.

2. Do not make the sea as dump yard of sewage, plastic waste, nuclear waste, human waste etc. You must respect the Nature and its’ forces or else face the punishment.

3. Over exploitation of sea salt has made sea water to flow faster. Millions of tons of salt is extracted from the sea on a daily basis. Less salty water will move faster and make intense waves. The salt content of Indian Ocean is far less salty than the Atlantic Ocean. The intensity of tsunami waves will therefore be more dangerously powerful in Indian Ocean.

This is also adversely affecting the natural life in the sea. The breeding nest and the network are disturbed due to faster under current. Many fish varieties/species have already become endangered due to this reason.

Salt extraction must be therefore restricted. This is also pointing finger at the necessity of controlling population growth. Everything on Earth is limited. We must be prudent enough to understand this basic truth. Over exploitation of any natural resource will therefore upset the equilibrium of the natural balance resulting in destruction. Ocean scientists must take note of these issues and act fast on this very serious, yet unnoticed issues so far.

4. No fishing must be allowed during the breeding season at least for 90 days. Usage of sieve-like fishing net must be banned. International standardization must be introduced for the fishing net size.

5. All the nuclear atomic power plants must be shut down with immediate effect. No compromise must be allowed for this. We should not ignore this warning for the sake of millions of innocent human life and numerous living creatures in the planet. We have already few examples to learn the impact of similar explosions of nuclear power plants. No safety measure will be sufficient to withstand the tsunami attack. The authorities can contact the publisher to know details of the centres falling in the highest risk category.

Alternative power generating source must be installed simultaneously. You can obtain safe, pollution free, economic power generating technology from the publisher of this book. This will ensure no scarcity of energy anywhere. We have adequate time to replace all the dangerous polluting, costly power generating systems with the safest option. It will be disastrous to ignore this warning and will have to pay very heavy price and irreparable damage.

People who are working in the nuclear plants and those living in and around the plants to the extent of 100 radius must be provided with radiation protection cover to escape from the intensive radiation attack. You can contact the publisher for obtaining 100% protective herbal solution to escape from powerful radiation attack.

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