Prediction V – Upside-down phenomenon of the planet Earth

This will be the end of the so called modern human civilization. We can perhaps describe it as the doomsday. The shift is going to take place within 100 years at the present scale of pollution, mining and deforestation rate etc. The upside-down shift means the north pole of the Earth will become the south pole and the south pole of today will be the north pole. The Sun will start rising from the West instead of East from that day onwards. Within 100 years means it can happen prior to the year 2118 AD. It has almost become unbearable for the Mother Earth to withstand the pressure and intensity of air, water and soil pollution.

The Nature has given and is giving many warnings in the form of Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Hurricanes, Flood, drought etc. But the foolish human never seems to understand, learn and rectify the mistake. This has evoked the wrath of the Mother Energy.

Scientific explanation of this phenomenon:

I have already explained about the reasons for the drastic change in the magnetic field of the planet Earth happening due to various types of air, water and soil pollution and large-scale deforestation. This magnetic energy is keeping the airy atmosphere attached to the Earth. Earth is rotating on its’ own and revolving around the Sun in anticlockwise direction. Though Earth is moving and revolving in high speed, we don’t experience any pressure of this speed. It is 100% calm and quite here on Earth surface except during the natural calamities. This is made possible thanks to the strong Magnetic Energy. It serves as a strong protecting wall keeping the airy atmosphere close to the planet. The atmosphere also therefore moves along with the Earth. Otherwise we could have experienced just like travelling in an open roofless vehicle in high speed. Now we are comfortable like travelling in an air-conditioned car. We do not feel any discomfort even in 100-mile speed per hour inside the car. The peaceful atmosphere inside the car will suddenly change, the moment there is a minor air crack in the wind shield glasses, window glasses or anywhere in the outer body. The air from outside will come inside like hurricane causing heavy damage on things inside. The damage will be extensive if the crack is wider.

I am sure that you might have understood the importance of the magnetic shield of the Earth with this example. The crack is formed due to our irresponsible and reckless lifestyle, in the magnetic shield. Hence, we experience many disastrous natural calamities.

However, the upside-down phenomenon is the next stage of this fragile magnetic field. It is due to more severe damage you have done to the Mother Earth over and above the pollution. Do you know why the compass needle is always pointed towards North? Most of you will know the answer as it is due to the magnetic pull that exists in the northern side. Your answer is only half true. It is of course the magnetic energy in the northern side but what is the source of this energy? Where from North? Some of you may say it is from the northern part of Earth. I am sorry I have to defer with them. You know Earth is having more or less like an egg-shape and it is self-rotating and also revolving around the Sun. If that is the case, the north will not be constantly always at one position, isn’t it? But the compass needle is always pointed towards one direction. The answer therefore is logically very clear that it is an outside magnetic pull and not inside the Earth. Now we are somewhere near the true answer. Our scientists may take decades to find the true answer or perhaps they may not have enough time left to find the true answer. We have hardly 100 years left on Earth. I shall therefore reveal this universal truth. It is the magnetic pull of the planet SATURN on Earth. The planet Saturn is positioned towards the northern side of the Earth. The planet Saturn has got rich deposit of iron. The planet Saturn’s attraction on
Earth is intense due to the iron deposit of Earth. Do not think that we are running away from the core subject of why the upside-down phenomenon happens.

In fact, we are very close to the scientific answer to this mystery. Large scale mining of iron ore, deep from the various iron deposit locations of the Earth and redeployment of billions of tons of iron concentrated at few centres of the Earth especially on the surface, is happening now-a-days. This is an ongoing process with high-tech machines all over the world. This uneven, unequal concentration is adversely affecting the Earth’s balance. The area where the iron concentration is more will therefore turn towards northern side due to magnetic pull of the planet Saturn. The shift therefore is not going to be a gradual process. It will happen within seconds. I am confident that you are now well informed about this universal phenomenon. The planet Earth after the shift will rotate clockwise instead of anticlockwise. This is the reason why the Sun rise will be thereafter from west and Sun set will be in East.

Impact of the shift

  1. The shift is not going to be a gradual process. It will happen within seconds.
  2. About 25 meters above the present sea level will be engulfed by the sea and destroyed completely.
  3. A large area of land will become uninhabitable due to extreme heat and cold climatic conditions.
  4. A large area of land presently under sea will be exposed.
  5. The sun will start rising from the West instead of East from that day onwards.
  6. Earth will revolve around the sun clockwise instead of anti-clockwise.
  7. This will be the end of human civilization and all advancements.

The survivors will have to start from the scratch, almost similar to that which have been existed in the primitive period. All the scientific technology we have made will perish. They have to depend on manpower only to survive. They will be cut off from all communication system. They may have to depend on animals for transportation and agriculture etc.

All the nuclear, chemical and biological weapons we have produced to kill each other will go out of control and explode. This will make the survivor’s life miserable and most of them will be succumb to this man-made tragedy.     

Desirable precautions

The purpose of revealing this universal mystery is for giving an opportunity for correction and rectification. The only possibility left is to stop further mining of iron ore, as we have already exhausted the limit and even gone far ahead of it. Now the question is without iron how it is possible to continue life on Earth. We need iron for anything and everything. Constructions, trains, vehicles, ships almost all house hold items etc. iron is required. I am well aware of your concern. But you have no choice but to stop with immediate effect. The scientists must be given the task of finding an alternative. I will certainly help you to resolve this genuine problem, if required, provided that there is an international consensus for 100% ban on further mining of iron.

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