Predictions III and IV – Sudden sea water level rise up to 10 meters and 25 meters respectively

The prediction of sea water level rise, not less than 5- meters is not a onetime event. The water level will further go up to 10- meters in the second stage which is expected to happen by 2040 AD and up to 25 meters by 2089 AD in the third stage. We can prepone or postpone these disasters with the regulation of intensity of pollution level in the atmosphere. It also largely depends on our commitment towards forestation and strict action against deforestation. It is to be noted that these natural disasters are 100% man-made though we call it natural calamities. Every individual, every family, every society, every state, every nation is individually and collectively responsible for this large-scale massacre.

Scientific reasons for these disasters are the same as mentioned in Prediction I. The sea level goes up to 10 and 25 meters due to the high intensity of events that have been explained in the scientific reasons section.

Hope at least some of you may take it seriously and move to safer locations without wasting time, and engage yourselves in pollution control activities to the extent possible.

Let me also hope that the environmental scientists and other responsible officials may take note of these predictions without prejudice and try to educate the general public by correcting your earlier stand on the matter.

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