Solution for preventing or minimizing the above predicted catastrophes

(Predictions I to V)

All the above predictions cannot be seen as a destiny or fate. It is 100% man-made or to be precise, it is 100% so-called civilized man-made. Unfortunately, our civilization is built on mass-scale pollution, production of all kinds of bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable wastes, exploitation of natural resources, large-scale deforestation etc. All the above predictions will be preponed if we proceed with the present level of pollution and life-style. Implementation of Ateendriya Ancient Engineering Projects from the house of Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre and launch of forestation campaigns all over the world are focused on cleaning up the Nature completely from the high-level pollution present in water, air and soil. This will prevent Nature from getting violent and diffuse all the predicted catastrophes. This should be our commitment towards all inhabitants of the planet Earth and for many coming generations of human race. We have no authority to exploit Nature as we are doing today. Our scientists colliding with politicians and money-minded business corporates are looting the precious possessions of Nature for their highly selfish and foolish ambitions. They are cutting the branch of the tree on which they are also living. It is most likely that Nature may punish these greedy people earlier than the predicted disasters. I therefore take this opportunity to warn all these decision makers to be aware and to be beware of the intelligent system of the Nature. Hope you will understand an rectify your mistake and save yourselves from the otherwise guaranteed punishment to you and to your beloved ones.