Danger in the modern infertility treatment

This will point finger at the blunder of today’s scientific advancement of human semen bank, surrogacy, women egg bank, artificial insemination etc. the new breed emerges from such infertility technology will destroy the society and human civilisation. The direction unfortunately we are now moving is towards the dead end.

We must therefore take a ‘U’ turn. We should not end up in creating human with inhuman element in them. Extremism, Autism, insanity, impotence, intolerance, sadism, depression, destructive killer instinct, suicidal tendency etc. will prevail in such society, leaving behind a highly irresponsible generation behind.

The Fatherhood

We are living in a society with total ignorance of the importance of fatherhood. The father has almost equal role and responsibility to give birth to a spiritually elevated child. Whatever may be the type of relationship between the partners, they must have perfect relationship physically, mentally and spiritually in this divine process. The lady partner must not make any compromise on this. With the advancement of medical science we can find especially in the modern society many infertility clinics and semen banks. The owner of the semen is a stranger to the receiver. The physical features of the semen donor is available in the system.ie, his height, weight, skin complexion etc. The lady can make her choice accordingly to become pregnant whenever she wants. Unfortunately this practice is increasingly getting accepted world over. This is one of the main reasons why you must have indebt knowledge about various aspects of fatherhood.

Human interference in the natural process of taking birth

Fatherhood should not be reduced just into a semen production center or Bank. You are born and the life journey commences from the moment the fusion of male sperm and female egg takes place. We have already explained in details the preparation to be undertaken by the parents before the fusion. Millions of live sperms are present in the semen. The male partner, the father, deposits semen in the vaginal tract of the female partner. The action thereafter is not under the control of the father, mother or you. From the millions of the sperms which one is finally able to enter the egg in the womb? It is a tough journey for the sperms. It is a race for the existence. The Nature always goes by the uncompromising theory of ‘survival of the fittest’. The fittest will be entitled to survive. But there is one more question to be answered in this connection. Where is the source of extra energy for the winner sperm to win over the rest? Who is empowering the winner sperm to come first and successfully able to enter the egg? The physical role of the father is over, after depositing the sperm. Your Spiritual Father is the driving force behind this decision. He will decide whether it is going to be one or more than one to enter the egg and take birth. He will decide based on the preparation taken by the biological parents, while deciding the eligibility. He will decide based on the inherent strength of each sperm.

The Spiritual Father is present in the Nature in the form of supreme consciousness and supreme knowledge and he is the holy Eternal Fatherhood of the universe. If incase with the advancement of science man interferes in this natural process we will have to face severe consequences individually and collectively for the mankind.

Assessment of eligibility of the sperm

Many factors are taken into consideration while deciding the eligibility of the sperm for getting entry inside and finally become successful in fusion. Sperm’s mobility alone cannot be made the criterion. The Nature will take stock of many aspects while taking this vital decision. The selection is made considering the following factors.

  1. The level of spiritual charge of the sperm.
  2. The level of spiritual charge of the partners-The aspairing parents.
  3. The type of trade and professional skill/competence of the partners.
  4. The facilities available in the area where the partners are living for
    learning and accomplishing the destined actions of the new comer.
  5. The dominating inbuilt character of the sperm and the partners.
  6. The mating place, time and ambiance.
  7. The level of physical, mental and spiritual preparation taken by the partners.

Decision accordingly is taken by the Nature by the influence of the Eternal Fatherhood through the supreme consciousness and knowledge. All these Natural divine process are by-passed in the artificial insemination treatment system. Infertility centers are engaging in such serious vital activities like a child’s play. Married couple after marriage rush to infertility centers for treatments. They have no patience to wait for the natural process and commit this blunder. It is perhaps the most unpardonable spiritual crime you are committing against you, the society and the Nature. The more we interfere with the Nature’s law the greater will be the trouble. Unfortunately this interference does not end by itself.

It becomes the beginning of a new chapter, a new generation of inhuman breed. It is 100 times more devastating than a nuclear explosion. Considering the seriousness of the matter authorities should immediately step in-to the matter and close down all infertility centers with immediate effects. Giving birth to a new noble life is divine but giving birth to a destructive force is a devilish act.

Dangerous consequences of artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is a human interference in selecting sperms and forcefully injects it to the egg. This will therefore bring disastrous consequences. This will spoil the natural logics of survival. Almost 50% of the child births are happening today with this human interference. It has become a commercial venture by the medical science. In order to ensure high success rate, doctors quite often inject semen from semen bank with computer assisted physical profile match of the male partner with or without the knowledge of the couple. I wish to warn all perspective parents not to venture in to such spiritually criminal offence. Kids born from such unnatural method will have many deficiencies and the society will have to face disastrous consequences on account of this unnatural medical practice.

Children born with this technology will have the following characteristics

  1. Destructive attitude
  2. Narrow mindedness
  3. Inhuman behavior
  4. No sympathy or empathy towards the society. They easily get involved in anti-social activities.
  5. Disrespect to the ethical values
  6. They will treat their parents as their enemies. They get sadistic pleasure by causing hardship to others.
  7. They enjoy violence, hate peace and are part of extremism.
  8. Instability of mind and many of them will suffer from mental illness.
  9. They will be suffering from many physical deficiencies/illness.
  10. They will be suffering from impotency/infertility. They will be unable to give birth to the next generation in the natural way.
  11. Extreme lust and sexual urge will be seen in both men & women from very young age onwards.
  12. Most of them will be addicted to drugs and other intoxications.
  13. Atrocities on women will be more in such society.
  14. Large scale atrocities on children and aged people will be reported in the society.
  15. Atrocities on parents by the children will be increased.
  16. Exploitation of the weaker sections will be increased.
  17. Courts will be flooded with divorce cases, criminal cases and disputes.
  18. The society will become intolerant towards the systems, traditions, brotherhood.
  19. Sporadic clash in the name of religion, caste, creed, race etc. will be reported at many places in the society.
  20. They will have very flexible mind and will not stick on to any decision. They can be easily influenced with evil thoughts and radicalization by extreme groups.
  21. Gay, lesbianism relationships and same sex marriages will be preferred and get more acceptances in the society.
  22. The generation coming out of this batch will display more destructive tendency. They will destroy all the traditional human values and create a lunatic inhuman world. Correction will be impossible after the 3rd generation of this breed.

Most of the above problems were seen even in the past in the society before the introduction of this medical practice. However, it was very far and few and very much under control. Sporadic mob violence, lawlessness, formation of organized warring groups, encroachments etc. are frequently seen these days. It is like pouring highly inflammable oil to the existing fire by adding one more individual if in case you have decided to adopt for this medical solution to have your next generation.

All scientific advancements should be focused towards the development of the society. Unfortunately many of the scientific inventions ruin the fabric of the society, Nature and all living beings. Researchers are focused on quick result. Their masters are mostly business houses. They accommodate and encourage anything to suit to their commercial interest. They conveniently ignore long term consequences of these inventions. Law makers are often hand in glow with these narrow minded selfish commercial institutions. This trend is seen world over and presently the world is in deep trouble. We have a little time to escape from this man made disaster.

Kids already born with the help of this treatment

A survey to be conducted in order to identify and locate for taking the total strength of this breed in the society. The following action plans are to be initiated.

  1. They should be prevented from giving birth to the next generation. Lifelong sterilization must be made compulsory for them.
  2. They should not be permitted to be a single decision making authority in any key port folios.
  3. They should be barred from handling or possessing weapons of mass destruction.
  4. They should be given special diet for increasing resistance power as they will be very vulnerable to many fatal diseases.
  5. They should not be entrusted with matters of secret Nature. They have very feeble mental strength to keep matters of secret nature.
  6. They should not be left alone in a place for long time as this will trigger their violent Nature.
  7. They will not be able to control their sexual desire. Lust will dominate in their inter-personal relationship. This is applicable to both male and female gender. They may resort to violence for the purpose. People concerned should be aware of this possibility and avoid giving opportunities to the extent possible.
  8. Extreme uncontrollable anger, destructive mentality, sadism, violence, cheating, jealousy etc. are their dominating character.
  9. They can be kept engaged in works of repeated Nature. They will not be successful in works that demand creativity and imaginative skill.
  10. It is advisable to introduce a special training session for such people so as to minimize the danger. Specially trained teachers are necessary for conducting training session.

You can contact the publisher for preparing the syllabus to be used in the training session.

Intelligent people learn from other’s mistake

If you are unable to give birth to a child in a natural way, you can take treatments, and medicines to rectify the shortcomings/deficiencies without violations and interference the nature’s law of justice. You are a tiny particle of the Nature and your survival is at the mercy of the Nature. You will be destroyed if you are daring to revolt against the Nature. You should keep away from unnatural treatments like artificial insemination AIH, AID, IVF, receiving semen from the semen bank, uterus transplantation, egg bank etc. The child must be born and grown until the due date in the mother’s womb and not in test-tube. Such breed will destroy everything and their first target is going to be you the parents. It is like buying a time bomb and keeps it at home. Look at the epic story of ‘Mahabharata’. The team Kaurava 101 was born in an unnatural way. They were kept outside mother’s womb, in a shell. It was more or less like a test tube type of treatment today. They were born and brought up like princes. But they embraced the path of injustice. They killed innocent people using their money power, muscle power and ruling power. Finally they got killed along with all their near and dear ones. They ruined the entire nation. Such epics are available with very strong and clear message. We must be intelligent enough to learn things from other’s mistake and not from our mistake. If any of you are suffering from infertility problem you can approach the publisher for a natural solution. The Nature has powerful medicines to rectify. If your problem is beyond rectification, then accept the reality and live happily. Do not invite trouble, risking your life and others too.