Eruption of gas lava and under water explosions

It is perhaps one of the most dangerous disasters. Gas lava has the ability to perish all living beings including humans in and around about few kilometers of area. Sudden death will happen instantly along with the explosion. No time to take any precaution or escape once the explosion happens. Every one, including all living beings will die within 3 minutes.

What is gas lava?

Gas lava is concentration of trapped gas in high volume below the Earth. The main reason for formation of gas lava is Earth filling with organic and inorganic wastes. Some of the other reasons that trigger gas lava are sound pollution, atmospheric pollution, over heating, global warming, large scale deforestation etc. The presence of non bio degradable substances under the Earth produce poisonous gases. Sudden eruption of such accumulated poisonous gases underneath the Earth causes gas lava eruption, These make cracks on the Earth surface, especially in small water bodies, which serves as an easy escape route for the gas lava. The cracks are the mouths of gas leakage. It comes out with huge release of powerful poisonous gases with great pressure in large quantities all of a sudden. It is like exploding of a pressure cooker. Some gases consist of CO2, hydrogen and other poisonous gases etc. The explosion is similar to a powerful tsunami attack if it happens under water bodies. It acts like spraying water bullets, destroying everything on the way. It will cripple everyone around. Sudden release of large quantities of harmful gases will push oxygen from that atmosphere completely. Survivors from the water attack, if any, will die within minutes due to lack of oxygen.

Greedy and foolish scientific community supported by vested interested politicians ruined our Nature and made it a dump yard of waste. They are dumping tons of waste on a daily basis in to our precious water bodies, atmosphere and soil. So many innocent people are the unfortunately victims of these man-made catastrophes. This eruption of gas lava can take place any time and anywhere on Earth, not necessarily at the place of Earth filling with organic and inorganic wastes. They have made the world the most insecure place. Wrath of Natural forces will be experienced on account of cruelty of scientific community through their unscientific and unnatural interference and destructive innovations.

How can we prevent eruption of gas lava?

Prevention is impossible unless we make conscious effort to reverse the process of dumpling and burrying of both organic and inorganic waste into Earth and water bodies. We have to stop cutting trees, and instead engage in afforestation activities on war-footing basis.

We have created separate departments in all the nations of the world specifically to collect and process organic and non bio degradable wastes. Governments of all nations must implement this without fail. M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises has cutting-edge technologies to address these issues so that no unprocessed waste is present on Earth.

Also refer mining rules.

How can we protect ourselves from eruption of gas lava which can happen anytime and anywhere on Earth?

If visible concrete steps are taken by people and governments on this as suggested above, M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises can consider your request of getting protection from this man-made disaster. You cannot keep on dumping waste to Earth and ask for protection. Punishments are awaiting to all misguiding scientists and people who are protecting and adoring them. Beware that you cannot anymore invent such destructive ideas and innovations. The invisible forces of the Nature will ruin you and your generations.