Hidden danger in vaccinations

It is true that the medical science is successful in containing certain diseases with the introduction of vaccinations, but on the other hand, it has made human more fragile and susceptible to become easy prey to other fatal diseases. I would like to describe this matter with little more details so that you are able to comprehend the reality in depth.

Nature has designed every creature of the Earth with certain specific specialties and lifespan. Accordingly human is designed to have a physical lifespan of about 100 years. The inherent energy that exists in the human being is therefore limited to this maximum lifespan. Our physical and mental fitness during this lifespan has to be ensured by the means of various practices, food restrictions, medicines, and exercise etc.

Our body does not have the capability to check and prevent all the diseases that are fatal in nature. But the body has inherent energy and force, though limited to prevent and attack any trespasses in the form diseases spreading bacteria’s and virus.

It is an ongoing fight against these invaders as disease-causing elements entering the body through air, water, and food or injected directly into the bloodstream. The defense intelligent system of the body produces antibodies as part of its permanent defense mechanism against some of the fatal diseases once it has attacked the body.

In the case of vaccinations, the same thing happens. The body becomes a war field once the vaccine is injected or mouth-fed. Antibodies are produced against every vaccine administered into the body. In addition to the general invaders being entered through water, air, and food, the defense system of the body has to launch fresh attach on this artificially injected antigens by way of vaccinations.

The developed and developing society the health department make vaccinations compulsory and it starts from the day the baby is born and continues at frequent intervals. A section of medical science is focussed on developing new vaccinations against many existing widespread diseases and get it added to the list of compulsory vaccinations. The dengue vaccine is one of the latest going to be introduced in the list of a compulsory vaccine. We have so far not made any study on how many vaccinations can be taken in a human body. The medical science is going under the falls assumption that any number of vaccination can be taken to a human body as it is safeguarding the body from future possible attack from diseases causing germs. There could be also a clear business strategy behind these policies with the vested interest.

The defense mechanism of the body gets weakened and exhausted like a soldier being exposed to the war field day and night continuously amidst intense fight. The body is compelled to produce antibodies as part of our precautionary vaccination. The defense system of the body get further weakened with our merciless vaccine injections and easily surrenders to other diseases. The chain is as strong as its weakest link. We have made several links very strong with our vaccinations technique leaving so many weaker links. The general health condition of the new generation and their resistance power has to be brought in to serious studies. In spite of all the vaccinations why the general health index is showing very poor and disappointing result? A comprehensive and serious study will definitely reveal the depth of this dangerous practice.

Dangerous partial effects of vaccinations

We have so far looked into the weakening of immune system of the body due to excessive vaccinations. We shall further make an attempt to understand the direct partial effects of excessive vaccinations.


As you may be aware, cancer is a malignant tumor. It arises from the abnormal and uncontrolled division of cells that then invade and destroy the surrounding tissues. The injected vaccines consist of weakened organisms, remain in the body forever as a foreign substance. It slowly takes the form and grows as a malignant tumor in due course in a favorable circumstance in the body especially when the defense force of the body deteriorates. The medical science will find out and certify this finding as correct in the days to come. We are afraid that irreparable damage might have taken place by that time to the human race. The statistic of cancer patients especially in the developed and developing countries must be an eye opener for immediate remedial actions. It is therefore concluded with a warning that cancer is one of the dangerous partial effects of vaccinations. Any number of cancer specialty hospitals may be insufficient unless and until we address the root cause of this fatal diseases. Cancers figure among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide with approximately 10 million cancer-related death alone in a year. There are an estimated 20 million cancer cases around the world and over 70% is in developed and developing nations.

Vaccination affecting the imaginative power of the mind

The faculty or action of forming ideas or images of the mind gets weakened due to vaccination. This is another dangerous partial effect of vaccination. The ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful make the human far superior creature on Earth. The force behind many outstanding, inventions in the field of scientific, astronomical, philosophic, literary, artistic etc., are the products of imaginative power of the mind of certain genius people. Human will be reduced to mere animals in the absence of imagination. A powerful imagination of ideas of today is the reality of tomorrow. All the achievement of mankind made so far is the offspring of fine imagination. Imaginative power of the new generation is at its disappointing level today.

Vaccinations adversely affect the thinking power of the mind

Thinking power of mind enables us to form connected ideas about someone or something. The thinking power gives us to determine good and evil. Thinking power of the brain is involved in each and every action of us knowingly or unknowingly. Thinking power of the brain is behind the rational judgemental ability of human being. People land up in deep trouble due to weak thinking power of the brain. Radicalisation, extremism, violence are few by-products of weak thinking power of the mind. A large section of the modern society has become a victim of this deficiency in the world and we are suffering and witnessing its impact creating a major threat to the human civilization itself.

The medical science may take decades to prove various impacts of vaccinations. But it can be proved if a serious attempt is made without the interference of any vested interest. Vaccination treatment system of the modern medical science is like cancer spreading in the society. We must take immediate action and save the future generation.

Use and abuse of vaccinations have become a curse to the humanity. Researchers have completely ignored the hidden danger in vaccinations. They are mostly driven by the short-term result and commercial interest. Corporate houses dictate terms to the researchers to suit to their business interest.