Standardization of disease scanning machines of modern medical science

As you are all aware that modern medical treatment system is deeply relying on machine-made reports to assess the disease condition in the body of patients. Use and misuse of these scanning systems are spread all over the world. Even a small nursing home is crippled in the absence of these scanning systems. Doctors mostly prescribe medicines almost 100% based on machine generated reports.

There are very many scanning systems and lab reports available today in the medical treatment system. To count a few:

  1. Citi scan
  2. MRI scan
  3. Ultra sound scan
  4. ECG
  5. Blood test for very many diseases
  6. X-ray
  7. 3D scanning system
  8. Etc

Doctors and even patients have become addicted to such machine-made reports. These reports are now a days accepted as medical proof even in courts.

Standardization of every disease is fed into these scanning machines. There are minimum and maximum levels for all the diseases. Any one crossing the limit will be declared as patients who need immediate treatment. Hospitals take advantage of these situations and conduct many campaigns at every potential residential colony, company, factory etc in both rural and urban areas. They spread the message that early detection of the disease will cure the disease faster. Many of the hospitals do have special schemes for yearly full body scanning system.

In this juncture, we need to contemplate seriously on some of the fundamental matters as given below:

  1. Can human beings be bracketed into one category and standardize the bench mark for diseases like pulse rate, BP level, diabetic level, ECG level, cholesterol level, blood test reports on various diseases etc.?
  2. Is it done to make uniformity and standardization of treatments?
  3. Is it done to make large scale production of scanning machines?
  4. Is it done to help machine mafias?
  5. Is it a strong indicator of unholy nexus of medical corporates and medical scientists?

No human being is alike in the world though there are some similarities and common factors. Even the fingerprints, retina, DNA etc various from person to person. How can we standardize machine-made results into one category to analyse diseases and arrive at conclusions! Most of these machine-made results of today are incorrect and misleading. The prescribed medicines for the patients based on these machine-made reports therefore will be harmful for the patients. This is one of the main reasons why modern medicines do possess harmful fatal partial effects. Medical scientists unfortunately are under the grip of medical mafias and corporate giants. The scientists will not dare to open their mouth to utter a word on this day-light robbery. Doctors are unable to eradicate a disease 100% in the modern medical system without causing any side effects.

Human race today is under threats and attacks of many fatal diseases though we have numerous specialty curing centres in all nook and corners of the world. So many epidemics are emerging and spreading though several forcefully administered vaccinations are made available. Several corporate companies took advantage of these situations and harvested billions of dollars, especially during Corona epidemic time. Not a single scientist responded against these deadly vaccinations that carry fatal partial effects. Monitoring authorities issued licenses without proper testing, verification and trials before introducing such vaccinations to the public.

How long the general public can remain as mere spectators and consume whatever the doctors wrongly prescribe! It is a matter of great concern. We must take it up to save humanity and our future generations. This article cannot be justified if the solution is not given to stop the mega looting and cheating programs.


Human body is fully equipped to cure most of the diseases on its own. We should not interfere unnecessarily in this natural process. Intelligent system of the human body will identify the entry of enemies in the form of disease-causing bacteria and viruses at the very moment. Body will corner them all around and ensure not to spread all over the body. Body uses many tactics and strategies to destroy the enemies like:

  1. Production of natural vaccinations by the body to boost immunity
  2. Increases body heat to destroy disease-causing bacteria and viruses or to make it inactive
  3. To create powerful white blood corpuscles to intensify attacks on the enemies
  4. Body will create hormonal changes to deactivate enemy viruses
  5. If all the above strategies of the body are insufficient to destroy and overpower the enemy’s attack, body will ask for external help. Body will show certain signals and symptoms for us to understand. That is where the requirement of treatment comes.

A good and experienced physician must understand the meaning of these signals and prescribe for suitable medicines without the help of any scanning system. They hardly rely on machine-made reports in such scenarios. What is happening today is totally contradicting the natural body mechanism. Patients are advised to take medicines immediately after feeling little feverish and thereby suppressing all indications. We do not allow the body to take corrective steps.

According to Gurukripa Ancient Science, human beings, though different from one another can be categorized into 16 groups. These groups have many vital things in common in all respects i.e., physically, mentally, psychologically, intellectually and spiritually irrespective of age, gender, race or their birth place. You can refer Self-awareness for more details in this very important matter.

Taking the body measurements into account, individuals can be categorized as to which group he/she belongs to. This is a once-in-lifetime exercise. Experts can help you to find your own category based on your exact body measurements. This will help you to take accurate decisions especially on the following areas:

  1. Treatments
  2. Education
  3. Likes and dislikes
  4. In-built talents
  5. Inherent diseases
  6. To have healthy partnerships
  7. To select your life partner
  8. To get employment
  9. To boost your skill development
  10. To find your potential career
  11. Etc (as given in Self-awareness)

This exercise can be done even in the childhood or at any age. Standardization of scanning machines can be made based on these categories. It will be 100% accurate in the assessment. Doctors must be trained to adopt to this system and make their professional life successful. Manufacturing companies of scanning systems must be advised to make suitable changes in the scanning machines. Research scientists can contact M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises for more information through World Health Organization.

Standardization of the following matters are to be reviewed at the earliest.

  1. Acceptable level of chemical preservatives in food
  2. Acceptable level of air pollution
  3. Acceptable level of radiation
  4. Acceptable level of sound pollution
  5. Acceptable level of magnetization
  6. Acceptable level of body mass index
  7. Acceptable level of nutrition
  8. Acceptable level of using solar energy
  9. Acceptable level of population density
  10. Acceptable level of exercise
  11. Acceptable level of water consumption
  12. Acceptable level of cultivation of food items
  13. Acceptable level of vaccinations on human body
  14. Acceptable level of salt extraction from sea water
  15. Acceptable level of sand excavation
  16. Acceptable level of other Natural resources
  17. Acceptable level of animals – both wild and domestic per sq. km.
  18. etc

Scientists of each subject must research on these acceptable levels for standardization.

– By Ateendriya Ancient Science Scholar Acharai Shri Barat Venkit