What is Ancient Herbal Science?

Ancient herbal science was an advanced treatment system, believed to have had existed in southern part of India about 6000 years ago, beyond the Vedic Age. It was predominantly practiced and used by the learned sages and their families. It is a healing system, using a high concentration of medicinal herbs in combination that are capable to terminate the defected cells in human body, and helps the body to rebuild with fresh defect-less cells. The body regains the strength with the help of the medicine and helps to invoke the internal inner energy which is the core fundamental principle of this treatment system. This treatment system, therefore, can cure any fatal incurable diseases within a short span of time. The medicine, in most of the cases, is administered into the system through the breathing process. Hence very fast action is done, saving the patient even from critical condition, unlike in Ayurveda. This is the reason why we call them as life-saving medicines. No follow-up medicines are required once the treatment is completed and in most of the cases, it is a once in lifetime treatment for the particular disease.

Human body is made up of five elements of the Nature and it is a cluster of billions of cells. Each cell is again a cluster of billions of atoms. Each atom has a unique role to perform individually and also in the group. According to Ancient Herbal Science, the lifespan of the atom is just 29 days and the replacement is made automatically with a fresh one which has the ability to perform the assigned task. In a sick or unhealthy person, this process is partly or completely blocked in the affected part of the body. The body of the sick person loses the ability to replace the automatically terminated atom with a fresh one. Body organs slowly start getting defunct if proper treatments are not given at this stage. Our treatment system addresses this core activity of the body.

The disease is therefore permanently uprooted in this treatment system and the patient is relieved 100% from the disease.