Why the modern medical treatment system bears partial side effects?

You may be aware that not even a single modern medicine, is free from partial effect. The very purpose of taking the treatment using modern medicine is defeated due to this dangerous impact. The patient will end up getting affected by more diseases once he or she is admitted into the hospital. The very place of hospital (ie, in and around the hospital) itself is a breeding centre of very many fatal diseases and drug-resistant viruses. Doctors, nurses, other supporting staffs and the bystanders are living in the high-risk zone along with the vulnerable and weak patients. As per the survey done by the international authentic agency, it is reported that the lifespan of doctors is lessened by 10 to 15 years compared to the average lifespan of people living in the society. This shocking revelation could be an eye-opener to any sensible person to understand the depth of the situation.

Research Institutions:

Most of the research institutions are promoted by corporate commercial houses directly or indirectly. Scientists are recruited and employed with a task of inventing medicines/equipment etc. with a target of limited time frame. They will be sacked if no result within a time frame. Very unhealthy competition is prevailing in this sector. Scientists are therefore compelled by the management to get faster remedy and result. They have very little time to experiment on the long-term effect of their findings. They are compelled to focus on short-term result. They are motivated and compelled to ignore or hide the long-term impact of their findings. These findings are like double-edged axes. The other side of the axe is sharper. This will satisfy their corporate masters. In the management’s business theory, it is justified. A heart patient of today is a guaranteed kidney patient tomorrow. A cancer patient of today is a guaranteed heart patient tomorrow.

The ignorant or helpless general public is at the receiving end. Quick return is made at the first phase itself. They have nothing to lose even if it is banned due to dangerous partial effects at a later stage. It is, of course, a very disturbing reality of today. The unholy nexus between the scientist, business houses, politicians, and administrators are well guarded and protected with mutually beneficial associations nationally and internationally.

It is very difficult to break the link as they have blocked every escape route. They are very powerful to control governments and even the legal system. Dissenters will be thrown out and will be trapped in many pre-planned and framed cases or get terminated from the service itself.

Building awareness in public is the best that we can do. With the introduction of this treatment system, the very concept of the hospital itself become irrelevant. Radical sudden change may not be possible. However, it is a great beginning of a revolutionary change in the rotten, unethical medical practices and systems of today.


This is another important reason for dangerous partial effects of modern inventions. This is applicable to all industries including medical industry. Scientists are making new inventions using their physical intelligence that is made of atoms of five elements of Nature. It is derived and developed from the highly perishable food they consume and water they drink and air they breathe. The pollution level makes it further complicated. The physical intelligence of a human is highly perishable as it is made of highly perishable substance. The highly perishable mortal intelligence will, therefore, carry the DNA of mortality in all its findings. Negative partial effects are born along with their inventions. It is like the two sides of a coin. Invoking the immortal inner energy is the only solution to this problem.

When we say inner energy, some of you or many of you may disagree with the concept. The modern science has gone far away from this truth and proclaims it as a mere superstition or a myth. Their total detachment from their inner energy is the real cause of many of the existing problems which may end up in total destruction of human race. The so-called scientific advancement and modern civilization has made human life miserable. It is displayed in the form of a high density of air, water and soil pollution, spread of incurable diseases, production of weapons of mass-scale destruction, large-scale exploitation of limited natural resources etc. leading to frequent natural calamities etc. You can get more details of this subject in the book “Radiation of multiple internal and external forces in you” published by M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises.